Apple’s TV app doesn’t work with the two best streaming services


The TV app coralls all your favorite content.
The TV app coralls all your favorite content.
Photo: Apple

Netflix won’t be embracing Apple’s vision for the future of television.

Apple revealed its plan to own your TV screen today with a new app called TV. The new service aims to unify your TV experience on iPhone, iPad and Apple TV by taking you straight to content, but the two best streaming services won’t be available.

Both Amazon Prime Video and Netflix won’t participate in Apple’s new feature. Amazon’s exclusion isn’t much of a surprise. The company hasn’t made an Apple TV app, and stopped selling Apple TV on its digital store.

Netflix was one of the first company’s to support the new Apple TV’s universal search feature, but says it has no plans add support for the TV app.

“I can confirm we are not participating and evaluating the opportunity,” Netflix spokesperson Smita Saran told Wired.

Instead of showcasing Netflix content, during its keynote this morning Apple showed how the TV app works with Starz and other networks. TV for iOS and Apple TV will be available in December as a free app.