Apple’s TV app doesn’t work with the two best streaming services


The TV app coralls all your favorite content.
The TV app coralls all your favorite content.
Photo: Apple

Netflix won’t be embracing Apple’s vision for the future of television.

Apple revealed its plan to own your TV screen today with a new app called TV. The new service aims to unify your TV experience on iPhone, iPad and Apple TV by taking you straight to content, but the two best streaming services won’t be available.

Both Amazon Prime Video and Netflix won’t participate in Apple’s new feature. Amazon’s exclusion isn’t much of a surprise. The company hasn’t made an Apple TV app, and stopped selling Apple TV on its digital store.

Netflix was one of the first company’s to support the new Apple TV’s universal search feature, but says it has no plans add support for the TV app.

“I can confirm we are not participating and evaluating the opportunity,” Netflix spokesperson Smita Saran told Wired.

Instead of showcasing Netflix content, during its keynote this morning Apple showed how the TV app works with Starz and other networks. TV for iOS and Apple TV will be available in December as a free app.

17 responses to “Apple’s TV app doesn’t work with the two best streaming services”

  1. Alan Aurmont says:

    No, it’s THEY who don’t work with Apple’s TV app, not the other way around.

  2. Levi says:

    Amazon Prime isn’t offered as a standalone on Apple TV so that’s moot. And Netflix is overrated when it comes to content.

    • Bradly De says:

      Lame comment.
      Netflix has tons of good stuff. Apple was just unable to make them do their bidding, so they are not involved with the pointless ‘TV’ app, making it useless for most Apple TV owners.
      In short, Apple is appallingly bad at this sort of thing, they make enemies where they should have allies and in the end we all pay the price.
      Siri uses Bing instead of Google because Apple is their biggest enemy, Amazon, same thing.

      • igorsky says:

        So you’re blaming Apple without knowing any of the facts? Good job.

        Let me ask you…why is it ok for Amazon to charge companies for using their marketplace, yet they don’t want to pay Apple for using their marketplace? Yet in your mind this is somehow Apple’s fault.

    • ChuckD says:

      I totally agree. Netflix content is horrible. I remember a while back Netflix was really good, but now they suck big time – lol. I’m cancelling my subscription because every time I look up they are just rehashing old movies over and over:-(.

  3. shannon_f says:

    Seems really petty of Netflix to do. Sounds like they don’t want their content comparable to other services’ and want their users to only stay in their app…

    • Peter says:

      Why would Netflix agree to Apple’s terms when it most likely involves giving them 30% of the subscription revenue or some other crazy thing like that ? I can see why Spotify refuses to comply and I can see why Netflix would too.

      Apple really needs to tone it down – with those practices, prices and everything else I can see it all ending very badly for them. Arrogance never pays off in the long terms – it already happened to Apple once because of greed – seems it might just happen again.

      • igorsky says:

        Why does it seem to be ok for any other company to charge for the use of their marketplace, but when Apple does the same it’s always greed? You want to talk about Apple’s arrogance? How about the moronic double standard that Apple has to deal with every day?

      • shannon_f says:

        Well I highly doubt Apple would be changing any kind of terms with Netflix just for having them include their content in the TV app seeing as how there is already a Netflix app on the Apple TV and this new TV app has nothing to do with managing/creating subscriptions from what I can tell.

  4. Future Burrito says:

    Amazon Prime Video is not one of the best streaming services; is not even close.

  5. Geoff Gentry says:

    Apple needs to buy Netflix

    • Hell no… and ruin what is a pretty good thing? No.. please.. no… Apple needs to get a hold on reality, fix what’s broken, stop trying to “invent” so many new lines of products that are lame, and stop acting like it’s the 1990s all over again. They are so far behind the curve it’s sad. Just sad.

      • Peter says:

        Apple buying Netflix would be the worst thing I can imagine… instead of Stranger Things we would have Planet Of The Apps, rappers vogue and celebrities….

  6. Jason Corbine says:

    I wish Apple would give a little more attention to Home Sharing with the TV app and Siri integration. I have a large library of TV Shows and Movies that Siri can’t help me access and doesn’t look like the TV app is going to help with that at all. Seems ridiculous that information on an apple computer running apple software should be able to be accessed by an AppleTV since it has no problem interfacing with all of these other 3rd party apps.

  7. Peter says:

    No Netflix, no deal.

  8. player911 says:

    Roku is still the king of TV boxes… simply because they don’t compete with anyone nor do they charge for making channels. It is a win for everyone.