Apple may be about to buy a world-famous supercar maker


The new McLaren P1. Will it be owned by Apple?
Photo: McLaren

Apple is said to be in talks with British supercar manufacturer McLaren over a possible takeover. It’s thought Cupertino chiefs approached the firm, which is renowned for its Formula One racing team, several months ago and discussions are still ongoing.

With an Apple Car project well underway within the secret confines of Apple HQ, the company has made a series of automotive acquisitions and hires in recent years. It has also brought back popular hardware executive Bob Mansfield to take charge of the project.

But Apple may not have made its most significant move yet. According to a report from the Financial Timesthe company is currently in talks with McLaren over a possible takeover, or a strategic investment in the firm, which is reportedly valued between $1.3 and $2 billion.

McLaren is famous for its racing team and the legendary McLaren F1, but in recent years, the Surrey-based company has been developing a hybrid supercar named the McLaren P1. It follows in the footsteps of the F1, the fastest production car in the world, but adds a new electric motor.

“In terms of the technology it carries, it’s fair to say the McLaren P1 is closer to the complexity of an aircraft than a conventional car,” McLaren says. “As such, it’s a showcase for the knowledge and passion of the engineering team that created it.”

It’s easy to see why Apple would be interested in that knowledge and passion as it develops a car of its own. The Financial Times warns, however, that it’s “not clear” if a deal between Apple and McLaren will come to fruition. As you might expect, neither company wants to comment.