Target blames Apple for its own decline in sales


Target says its Apple sales fell 20 percent over the past quarter.
Photo: Target

Declining sales of Apple products is one of the factors Target has blamed for its disappointing second-quarter earnings.

During a conference call today, Target CEO Brian Cornell noted that Apple products fell 20 percent in sales at his company’s stores, resulting in a double-digit percentage sales decline in the retailer’s electronics division.

Cornell added that Target is reportedly working with Apple to improve performance, although there was no elaboration on exactly what was meant by this. Conceivably it could mean pushing Apple for exclusive products, which could help drive sales.

The fall in Apple business isn’t the only factor that was pointed out during the conference call (sales of grocery items and Target’s new CVS pharmacies inside stores were also discussed), but it’s interesting to hear — particularly since Target has been so bullish about Apple’s products in the past.

Early in the Apple Watch’s life cycle, for instance, many people fretted about demand for the item — only for Target to strongly come out in favor of it as “one of the season’s hottest gift items.”

Apple has also provided Target with some impressive sales figures around Black Friday in the past. According to one report, the retail giant sold one iPad every second on Thanksgiving Day.

When was the last time you bought an Apple product from Target? Leave your comments below.

Source: TheStreet

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  • James Vincent

    I usually buy from the Apple Store. For me, the nearest Target was 5 Miles when I bought my most recent purchase. The Apple Store is 1.3 miles and I can just walk there. Simple. There is also that Apple is still pricey for many consumers.

  • Andy

    Target sales are declining because the quality and diversity of their selection has gone way down. In the last year there has been numerous times I had to leave Target and go to (ewwwww) Walmart simply because Target didn’t have what I was looking for.

    • stark.barbara

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  • Target’s sales are down not because of Apple, but because Target is continually screwing with their customers.

    For one thing, they keep dropping SKUs. At least once or twice a month I find that they’ve stopped carrying an item or brand I used to buy there, and it’s getting to the point that their selection sucks. In fact, in many areas of the store they’ve even started spacing items further apart in order to hide the fact that they’re carrying less. Are they foolish enough to think their customers don’t notice these things?

    Also, I’m pretty damn tired of the way they’re continually moving items and even entire sections around in order to make their customers go searching elsewhere for them. Bringing CVS into their stores sucks too.

    And speaking of Apple products, I tried doing an iPhone pre-order there once…. only to get a call the following FEBRUARY that the device had finally arrived and did I still want it?

    Hy-Vee may cost just a bit more, but they don’t mess with me the way Target does, and as such Hy-Vee and Costco are getting more and more of my dollars, and all despite the fact I lack practically five houses away from a SuperTarget.

    If management actually believes Apple is the problem then Target is about to become one…

  • Tallest Skil

    Or maybe, just maybe, your corporate support for the mental illness that is transsexualism had something to do with it. Fucking degenerates. Filler.

    • DrMuggg

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        Such anger!
        Inner shame can sometimes cause people to react like this to something they supposedly have no intimate connection to.

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  • BJ

    If you go into any Target store, they have 3 or 4 Samsung displays and one tiny Apple display. Target does not mention they cut a deal with Samsung. Remember Apple owns Beats now, so since Target pushes Samsung products, and has limited Apple products. Why would you buy any Apple product from them. 4 Samsung displays, one tiny Apple display, that answers Targets question.

  • BB-8 ME

    Target doesn’t even use ApplePay, or Any NFC payments for that matter. Get with the times Target.

    As for buying Apple products, I only buy from Apple. Returns, Genius Bar, in stock items, cute chubby bearded dudes, etc.. I can go on about the benefits of going to an Apple Store.


      Cute chubby beaded dudes LOL

  • digitaldumdum

    “Target blames Apple for its own decline in sales”

    Attention Target shoppers: Our sales have been falling since the horrible data breach we subjected millions of you to, which could have been avoided if we’d hadn’t been so busy counting our cash. And since our management is so preoccupied with reorganizing the inside of our stores for no reason—at great cost—we have even less in the bank to pour over. Therefore, we’re looking hard for someone, •anyone• to blame. Oh look, there’s a good scapegoat right over there on aisle nine… the Apple products.

    Thank you Target shoppers, and now you may get back to buying your usual products… if you can find them.


    Yeah how about this. I don’t think my thought process has ever been, Hmmmm I need to buy an iPad, better go to Target.

  • Tallest Skil

    Or maybe, just maybe, your corporate support for the mental illness that is transsexualism had something to do with it.

    Posted again because cowards gonna cower.

    • macpurc

      Another post. You really do seem to have a connection to the subject of transexuals… interesting.