Everything that’s new in iOS 10 beta 4


iOS 10 BETA 4
See the latest iOS 10 beta in action.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Apple dropped a slew of new developer beta updates earlier today. As usual, it’s mainly a bug fix affair, but there are a few tweaks and adjustments we’ve came across within the latest betas.

Check out what’s new in the latest iOS 10 beta in our video below.

The latest additions and changes to iOS 10 include:

  • New keyboard sounds for the backspace and spacebar
  • Over 100 new emojis
  • New control center splash page
  • The health app has seen some tweaks in colors and layouts
  • Folder animations are quicker
  • Removal of the vibration when manually locking for devices that have the haptic engine
  • Date section widget has been added back
  • Older system wallpapers have been removed

That’s all we’ve managed to find in the latest beta, if you find more, make sure to leave a comment down below.

iOS 10 is due to be released to the public this fall. Make sure to subscribe to the Cult of Mac YouTube channel to stay up to date with the latest videos.

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10 responses to “Everything that’s new in iOS 10 beta 4”

  1. Saudumm says:

    Music App: the Artist page now links to the Apple Music Artist page.

  2. GreenGirl says:

    You’re English so you should know better – it’s BEE-ta not BAY-ta.

    And god your videos are trite, pointless and annoying.

  3. stickyicky97 says:

    I love Apple products, but I’m really getting sick of their political views bleeding into their marketing and products. This new software update has removed the revolver pistol and replaced it with a water gun! What’s even more hypocritical is the fact you can still post bombs, swords, pills, beer, cigarettes, and other emojis that kill way more people each year than guns. The PC Police is in full effect.

    • lowtolerance says:

      What are you, twelve? I can’t imagine someone old enough to legally own a gun could possibly give a shit about what emojis are made available to him.

    • Homejapan says:

      And did you notice that the downhill skier emoji is so covered in clothing, right down to the mask, that it could be a WOMAN – or even one of them TRANSGENDERALS? And – what’s even more hypocritical – notice there’s not a gun of ANY kind in that emoji, or a hint of a U.S. flag?


      I’m SO tired of Apple’s America-Bashing PC Police Femi-Nazi Rainbow Gestapo Gun-Banning Trans-Bathroom Men-Shaming Lib-Dem Immigrantism run amok!

      You and me both, stickyicky! Let’s set this company straight!

    • Steve Harold says:

      I want my revolver back!

  4. Barry Allen says:

    What case is being used on that iPhone SE? Can anyone tell me? Is it Grovemade?

  5. Sammy says:

    Really jarring hearing an Englishman pronounce beta as bay-ta. Why have you changed your natural pronunciation?

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