Boston Dynamics’ freaky new robot can clean your kitchen


This robot is a total neat freak.
This robot is a total neat freak.
Photo: Boston Dynamics

Alphabet-owned Boston Dynamics robots are ready to invade your kitchen.

The company unveiled its newest robot, SpotMini, an all-electric version of its Spot robot. Taking some design cues from its bigger sibling that weighs 160 lbs, SpotMini is a simplified model that is smaller and lighter, allowing it to roam your house with more dexterity than Boston Dynamics’ previous bots.

It’s a total neat freak and can clean your house, too, thanks to an elongated neck extension:

Boston Dynamics doesn’t have any plans to sell SpotMini to the public, however, it is an encouraging step forward for the company that has made some incredible robots that are perfectly worthless.

Alphabet reportedly put the company up for sale in March because it hasn’t found a path towards offering commercial products yet, but it looks like they just invented the world’s most expensive “Beer Me” machine.

Its hand-off skills could use some work.