Best iPhone 6 cases reviewed: rugged, wallet, minimal & more

Best iPhone 6 and 7 cases: rugged, wallet, minimal, charging and more [Reviews]


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We've got reviews of iPhone 6 cases in almost every category you can think of.
Photos: Lyle Kahney, Milo Kahney, Rob LeFebvre, George Tinari and Lewis Wallace/Cult of Mac

Updated: Check out two new battery cases for the iPhone 6/6s, the Moshi iGlaze Ion and the Spyder PowerShadow.

Protect your iPhone investment with the perfect case. Whether you’ve chosen the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s or 6s Plus, and 7 or 7 Plus. Cult of Mac has your phone safely covered. We receive and review a massive number of cases and bring only the best to you here in our review roundup, with new cases to be added each week.

Each case is tried and tested, with iPhone protection being the top priority. If you need something rugged and extra-durable, a minimalist case with sleek lines, or one in which to slip your credit cards and cash, browse our evolving list of featured iPhone 6 cases.

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Best leather cases

Mujjo Leather Case for iPhone 6/6s

I hadn’t come across a leather case of similar quality to Apple’s own until now. Made with high-quality leather, wrapped around a durable plastic shell, the Mujjo Leather Case offers both style and protection. With the selling price almost exactly the same as Apple’s own leather case, it’s great to find an alternative offering that has even better protection. A plastic lip protrudes slightly from the edge of the case, and protects your screen in the event of a drop, or when placing your iPhone screen-side-down. — Ste Smith

Buy from: Amazon

guardian-leather-iphone-6-6s-wallet-case - 1
Stow your earbuds easily with the clever design of the Guardian Leather Case.
Photo: George Tinari/Cult of Mac

Guardian Leather Case for iPhone 6/6s

This sleek, wallet-style leather case from Guardian looks and feels great in the hand. It features two slots, one for cash and one for cards. Underneath is a micro-suction patch, which works to keep the phone in place. An purposeful gap between the phone and case allows for easy earbud storage, a super-handy feature for travelers. The Guardian Leather Case nicely protects the corners of the iPhone from scratches and bumps, and the leather smells just as good as it looks. — George Tinari

Price: $49

Buy from: Indiegogo

Best wallet cases

Luxurious leather wallet cases from Edward Field age gracefully.
Luxurious leather wallet cases from Edward Field age gracefully.
Photo: Lewis Wallace/Cult of Mac

Edward Field leather iPhone 6 cases

These slimline wallet cases wrap your iPhone in luxurious leather that only looks better as time marches on. I’ve been using mine for nearly a year now, and the brown leather case has taken on a glorious patina, like a broken-in catcher’s mitt or your grandpa’s treasured pipe pouch. While the supple leather develops that delicious, well-worn look, the Edward Field case suffers none of the breakdowns that can afflict similar designs. Mine still holds five credit cards with no noticeable loosening, so I harbor no fear that one will flutter away when I whip out my iPhone. The micro-suction sheet that holds the phone in place shows no sign of loosening its grip, either, although you can remove the device at any time with no sticky residue.

The Edward Field wallets, which come in brown and black colors and in sizes for all iPhone 6/6s models (as well as one for iPhone SE and iPhone 5/5s), don’t offer as much protection as beefier cases. But mine has saved my iPhone during multiple drops — and the leather looks much more beautiful than common polycarbonate. Sorry, cows.

P.S. Bonus points for the case’s Day-Timer-inspired pocket and flap, which let you stash cash and receipts (and double bonus for being handmade in the San Francisco Bay Area).  — Lewis Wallace

Price: $109

Buy from: Edward Field

The Solo Wallet case has a slim profile and two slots intended for storing credit cards.
The Solo Wallet case has a slim profile and two slots intended for storing credit cards.
Photo: Hex

HEX Vintage Teal Leather Solo Wallet for iPhone 6/6s

HEX’s line of Vintage Teal Leather cases for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s hit the quality mark. And, they’re great-looking, too. The Solo Wallet case snaps on simply to your 6s, engulfing it in premium leather. The leather is so well-affixed to the custom-molded case, it looks clean and seamless. Perfectly designed cutouts reveal a camera hole, volume-control buttons, the charging area, and everything else you need access to on the perimeter of your phone. Two integrated slots for credit cards, cash or an ID mark the back of the case.

This Solo is rigid and and sturdy, instilling confidence that your phone won’t implode if dropped. The rest of the collection is worthy of checking out as well, and includes the Icon, Solo and Focus models. — Ami Icanberry

Buy from: Amazon

Best rugged cases

Built to withstand 6.6-ft drop, the Defense Lux is a stylish and strong case.
Built to withstand 6.6-ft drop, the Defense Lux is a stylish and strong case.
Photo: Lyle Kahney/Cult of Mac

X-Doria’s Defense Lux for iPhone 6/6s

The Defense Lux combines a machined-aluminum outer frame with a tactilely-satisfying rear panel fashioned in carbon fiber, soft leather or ‘croc’ skin. The scratch-resistant metal outer frame provides military-grade drop protection, while protecting the perimeter of your iPhone. It’s a sexy-strong case with metallic button covers, and is drop-tested at six-and-a-half feet. — Ami Icanberry

Buy from: Amazon or X-Doria

The Defense Shield consists of two parts, the combined rubber inner lining/polycarbonate back and the aluminum exterior frame.
The Defense Shield consists of two parts, a combined rubber inner lining/polycarbonate back and an aluminum exterior frame.
Photo: George Tinari/Cult of Mac

X-Doria’s Defense Shield for iPhone 6/6s, 6 Plus/6S Plus

Constructed of polycarbonate, rubber and anodized aluminum, the Defense Shield is built to last. The case protects your phone securely without adding much additional thickness. The transparent shell offers a peek at the back of your iPhone, while two rubber tabs on either side cleverly rest above the shell for added shock absorption should you drop the phone. Plus, they prevent the iPhone from slipping and sliding around on a table, or coming in contact with it. X-Doria’s Defense Shield comes in: rose gold, silver, iridescent, sport orange, sport green, gold and red. — George Tinari

Buy from: Amazon for iPhone 6/6s or iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus

The UAG Trooper It features a rugged design with reinforced corners for extra drop protection.
The UAG Trooper features a rugged design with reinforced corners for extra drop protection.
Photo: Rob LeFebvre/Cult of Mac

UAG Trooper case for iPhone 6/6S and iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus

The Urban Armor Gear Trooper case takes great pains to secure three to four plastic cards (and a bit of cash) in its roomy interior, and provides a locking door that acts like a mini safe — nothing’s gonna fall out of this wallet case. This case is beefy. Rounded edges and a smooth exterior doesn’t get stuck on my pocket while I’m putting it away.

It’s also really hard to tell that it’s a wallet case, which adds to the security of it all. This just looks like a massively protective case. I’ve dropped it a couple of times, and it surely is protected. The volume and sleep/wake buttons are fully encased by the polycarbonate plastic mold, while the mute switch and headphone jack, Lightning port, and speaker on the bottom of my iPhone are open to the air enough for use; my headphones don’t require an adapter either — a welcome respite from the tyranny of overprotective iPhone cases. — Rob LeFebvre

Buy from: Amazon iPhone 6/6S and iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus

Best minimal cases

Have a good look at your iPhone 6 with the dual-layer protection of CandyShell Clear.
Have a good look at your iPhone 6 with the dual-layer protection of CandyShell Clear.
Photo: Milo Kahney/Cult of Mac

Speck CandyShell Clear iPhone 6/6S Case

The transparent design of the CandyShell Clear case reveals the clean design elements of the iPhone 6. Built of dual layers of polycarbonate, the case meets military-grade standards in drop and scratch protection, and has UV protection to avoid yellowing. Great hand-feel, and easy to slide into a pocket with easy-to-press buttons on its perimeter. — Milo Kahney

Buy from: Amazon

Best wooden cases

The wood on this case has an almost wax-line finish for scratch-resistance.
The wood on this case has an almost wax-line finish for scratch-resistance.
Photo: Pad & Quill

Pad & Quill’s Woodline iPhone 6/6 Plus and 6S/6S Plus

Pad & Quill’s snap-on cases are just 0.9 mm thick, claiming to be the “thinnest wood iPhone cases in the world.” and have a Kevlar core to add strength and protection. Made of scratch-resistant, polished wood envelops a Kevlar core for strength and protection. Gorgeous-looking and supposedly tougher than similarly thick steel. Despite that, though, they are supposedly tougher than similarly thick steel.

Woodline cases come in American Cherry, Rosewood, Zebra and American Walnut, and cost $49.95 in various Amazon searches (unless you want the latter, in which case it’s $59.95). — John Brownlee

Buy from: Amazon

Best flip cases

High-quality leather and beautiful texture define the Sena Magnet Flipper.
High-quality leather and beautiful texture define the Sena Magnet Flipper.
Photo: Lyle Kahney/Cult of Mac

Sena All-New Magnet Flipper for iPhone 6/6s

Stylish and streamlined, Sena’s latest flip-phone case pops open with the flick of a finger and stays securely shut with a magnetic closure sneakily embedded within the case. It’s an attractive case for sure, lined either with soft microfiber or leather. The new Sena Magnet Flipper comes in either crocodile-embossed leather or smooth nappa leather, and a range of rich colors including the Croc Brown we reviewed. A handy card slot within case keeps credit card or ID secure. — Ami Icanberry

Price: $59.95

Buy from: Sena

Best battery cases

The Moshi iGlaze Ion battery case provides the best of both worlds.
The Moshi iGlaze Ion battery case provides the best of both worlds.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Moshi iGlaze Ion battery case

In my line of work, conducting interviews and attending press conferences, a fully charged iPhone is a necessity. I don’t want the constant worry of watching my phone’s battery slowly die down as I search for the nearest power outlet.

To alleviate the fear of an undercharged iPhone, battery packs and cases are must-haves. And, while I appreciate the convenience of an external battery pack, they are often too bulky. A battery case is another option as it will house my phone and battery pack in one handy spot — again resulting in added bulk, especially when my phone is fully charged and I don’t need the battery attached 24/7.

Why hasn’t anyone thought of combining the two? Accessory-maker Moshi has heeded the call with its iGlaze Ion battery case for the iPhone 6 and 6s.

Check out the video below for my full review. — Ste Smith

Buy from: Amazon

A docking station, sold separately, lets the user charge and sync their iPhone 6 or 6s.
Photo: Spyder

Spyder PowerShadow battery case for iPhone 6/6s

It may be a while before we see those long-lasting hydrogen-powered batteries in our iPhones. In the meantime, the options are bulky: pack your charging cord, carry a battery charger, or go the power case route.

For those who don’t like the thickness or extra heft of power cases, Spyder claims its PowerShadow to be the thinnest battery case on the market offering a full 100 percent recharge on your iPhone 6 and 6s. It weighs in at just under 3 oz, and measures a relatively thin 14.5 mm.

Spyder’s PowerShadow comes pre-juiced, and has a USB port for charging, an on-off button to let the user control the power, and works with an optional docking station for charging and syncing. For you germophobes, Spyder applied an antimicrobial and fungistatic seal over the case, keeping it clean and green.

The case, which comes in black, titanium, champagne and white to complement the iPhone 6 colors, is $99 on the Spyder website, but you can grab the black case for around $83 on Amazon. The PowerShadow dock will cost an additional $50.  — David Pierini

Buy from: Amazon

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