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Google says hello to Allo, goodbye to Hangouts


"'Allo, guvna!" Google's new messaging app is obviously British.
Photo: Google

Watch out Facebook Messenger, Google is taking another stab at messaging with its newly revealed app called Allo.

Does the world really need another messaging app? Probably not. But Google is hoping that it has finally created the perfect mix of features that will make you ditch Snapchat and Facebook.

The secret sauce to Allo is a new artificial intelligence engine called Google Assistant that lives directly in the app to help make messaging with friends and family easier than ever before. It can suggest smart replies in messages and taps into the same learning network that powers Google Photos.

Allo isn’t just good at replying to messages though. With the Google Assistant, you can find answers to questions without having to leave the conversation.

Google officials have said that Allo isn’t completely replacing Google Hangouts because it will only be available on iOS and Android to start, but it’s clearly a sign that the company is looking to make a fresh start when it comes to communication apps.

Like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, Allo tries to add some fun to messaging by adding stickers and custom emojis. There’s also a new feature called shouts and whispers that allow you to dynamically resize the text in a message you’re sending so your friends now you’re totes excited about the good hangs you’re planning.

The new app is coming out this summer and includes a bunch of other new features like Incognito Mode, providing end-to-end encryption for all text messages, and the ability to upload photos straight from your camera roll and draw on them.