Our iPod buyback program offers top dollar for old iPods

You still have that old iPod? Sell it to us!


If your iPod is broken or languishing in your junk drawer, it's time to cash in.
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The iPod turns 15 this year. Hard to believe, right? It’s also hard to believe you still have that old iPod at all, what with the amazing music-carrying capacity of iPhones, iPads — heck, even your Apple Watch.

If you’re not using your old iPod (and it’s not one of those incredibly valuable special edition iPods that collectors are snapping up), you should sell your old iPod to us. Cult of Mac’s Apple gear buyback program will make sure you get as much cash as possible.

With our Apple buyback program, you can snag more money for outdated and even busted devices than you would get from companies like Gazelle, Walmart, Best Buy or even Apple.

Get the best price for your old Apple gear

You read that right. Got an iPod touch you’d like to get off your hands? We’ll pay you $40 cash for a 16 GB iPod Touch (5th generation) that’s still in decent shape. Gazelle offers $30 for the same device. Apple doesn’t offer any money for an iPod like that, instead offering to recycle it (we can’t link to Apple’s specific item pages, but you can see for yourself what Apple offers).

Not all iPods are worth something. If they’re totally busted or too old to be of any value, the best thing you can do is recycle your defunct device. That’s something we are happy to do for you, for free. Electronics of all kind are made with materials and chemicals that enter landfills and contribute to the massive problem of e-waste, which is also the fastest-growing waste stream on the planet.

The myriad toxic substances in modern electronics poison land and water if not properly disposed of. Not to mention the more general problem of how much electronic waste contributes to growing, toxic landfills.

Painless iPod buyback

To create a buyback program that’s worth your time and can offer you what your devices are worth, Cult of Mac has joined forces with Arkansas-based startup MyPhones Unlimited. The team is passionate about recycling old devices, keeping broken electronics and their caustic components out of landfills.

Unlike some of its competitors, MyPhones Unlimited isn’t aiming for massive market share or spending money on big advertising campaigns. Instead, the small company concentrates on running a lean, efficient operation that focuses on refurbishing old devices and getting defunct ones disassembled and disposed of safely. The low overhead at MyPhones Unlimited is why we’re able to offer the best prices you’re going to find.

MyPhones Unlimited’s top-notch team of expert repair technicians and recyclers strives to accomplish something that we at Cult of Mac care about a lot: cutting waste and seeing that everybody gets the most out of their devices, even after they’ve outlived their usefulness.

Sell your old iPod to us

Ready to cash in? Selling us your old device is dead simple and only takes a minute to initiate. As soon as you specify the iPod you’re selling or recycling on Cult of Mac’s buyback page, we’ll send you the appropriate shipping box with a return label attached. Return it with your iPod inside, and we’ll mail you a check. The whole process usually takes about a week. Couldn’t be simpler.

Why wait? Get a quote from the Cult of Mac iPod buyback page now and see how much that dusty old iPod is worth.


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