Smarten up your security with the LockSmart Mini [Reviews]


The LockSmart Mini uses Bluetooth and talks to your phone to unlock.
The LockSmart Mini uses Bluetooth and talks to your phone to unlock.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

In a world full of smart and connected devices, a standard run-of-the-mill padlock just isn’t going to cut it for me. Thanks to Dog & Bone, though, I don’t have to settle.

This is the LockSmart Mini: a keyless, Bluetooth padlock taking the hassle out of remembering to keep those tiny little keys safe. And, saving me from trying to remember yet another four-digit passcode.

To see the lock in action and to check out my full review, see the video below.

Living in a keyless world

At just shy of $70 this may seem like a lot for a padlock. But I, personally, can see the value. I’m constantly losing those hobbit-sized keys for standard padlocks, and I’ve got too many passwords to try and remember. Being able to unlock my back gate or even a gym locker from a tap on my iPhone, (which is always with me) seems like a no-brainer.

The LockSmart comes in three colors: black, red or my favorite Cult of Mac blue. Being in a keyless world, operating the LockSmart is done through the app. I can set the lock to unlock with a tap, using Touch ID or a passcode … although the latter of the three kind of takes a step back in time.

As this is connected to your phone, my first concern was security. Is this going to be some sort of flimsy, plastic iPhone accessory? Absolutely not. The LockSmart Mini is made from stainless steel and a zinc alloy body to stand up to the toughest of small locks.

If you’re one to worry about hacking — seeing as this is a smart device, there’s no reason to worry there either. The padlock ‘enjoys security comparable to a bank’, according to the website. What this means for us though is that the LockSmart Mini has the highest Bluetooth security standard available, meaning you’d need Steve Wozniak himself to try and break this thing open via a computer.

Dog and Bone App
Managing the LockSmart from my iPhone is easy thanks to the neatly designed app.

Burglar- and hack-proof

Along with being tough enough to withstand a burglar or even Woz himself, the SmartLock is also weatherproof. Operating in temperatures from -20 to 70 degrees celsius.

With a battery lasting for up to two years or 30,000 ‘unlocks’ you’re not going to be stuck with a lock you can’t open. On top of that, it includes a fail-safe by letting you know when the lock is low on power via the app.

What really makes it a smart lock though is being able to share access. Living almost two hours away from any of my family or close friends means it’s not always practical to leave keys with my nearest and dearest. But thanks to the LockSmart I can share access to the lock with anyone I choose easily from the app.

Overall it’s a brilliant device, which makes my home one step closer to becoming a ‘smart home’. It’s not going to be for everyone, but for the tech-savvy and security-conscious alike. I think the Dog & Bone LockSmart Mini is a must-have.

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Price: $69.95

Buy from: Dog & Bone

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