Siri tortures Cookie Monster in new iPhone 6s ad


Cookie Monster iPhone 6s ad
He really love cookie. He love cookie so much.
Photo: Apple

A new iPhone 6s ad subjects the lovable Cookie Monster to his worst fate imaginable: having to wait for a pan of his favorite treats to bake.

It’s a cute spot that’s meant to show off Siri’s hands-free mode, which lets users activate the digital assistant by saying “Hey, Siri” at any time. But it throws the hapless Muppet into an existential crisis.

Check it out below.

The iPhone 6 and 6s recently introduced a new way to use Apple’s virtual helper. Instead of holding down the Home button, users could just say “Hey, Siri” at any time. This expanded the previous hands-free mode that premiered in iOS 8, which only activated Siri by voice while the phone was charging.

The new cordless option comes in handy when you’re away from your charger (which you usually are) or if your hands are all covered in flour and chocolate from your hard work making all those cookies. Apple faced privacy concerns over the new feature, which keeps the iPhone’s mic on at all times, but the company said that while the device is always listening, it’s constantly writing over that data, and it doesn’t transmit anything to servers until Siri actually receives a request.

Apple’s privacy policies for all of its services are available online.

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6 responses to “Siri tortures Cookie Monster in new iPhone 6s ad”

  1. Ramiro Irastorza says:

    We have to wait until it comes out the 9.3 ?
    Or there is a way to do this with the 9.2 ?

  2. Andrei Marinescu says:

    Now this ‘sukcs’… why only on 6S? Why not on 4S/5/5S/6?

    • TimsDominion says:

      6s has a special chip for the Hey Siri feature. Technically it’s also possible on older generations, but without the special hardware, there will be permanent processing going on and your battery will drain .. fast. :D

    • ☽✪☾Dragonblood says:

      Wow, and you probably wonder why your Mustang 6 banger doesn’t get the same torque as the V8’s out there.

  3. DrMuggg says:


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