iPhone 7’s redesigned antenna band revealed in leaked photo


Is this Apple's next-gen iPhone?
Photo: CNBeta

The iPhone’s prominent (and, dare we say it, somewhat ugly)  antenna bands have been a staple of Apple’s handsets for a few years now. However, a new photo — allegedly leaked by Apple device maker Foxconn — shows off Cupertino’s more minimal approach with the upcoming iPhone 7.

What do you think?

As per iPhone tradition, the iPhone 7 is set to land this September. In addition to the redesigned chassis it is also rumored to be adding stereo speakers and a Smart Connector for the first time, while also dropping the headphone jack.

None of those upgrades can be spotted in this particular photo, but the ditching of prominent antenna bands is certainly an improvement from where I sit. If Apple does choose to downsize these bands, it may relate to a patent filed earlier this year, describing a new composite material which looks like the anodized metal that iPhone cases are made out of, but allows wireless signals to more easily travel through.

What are you hoping for from Apple’s iPhone 7? Leave your comments below.

Source: CNBeta

Via: PhoneArena


  • steven taylor

    improved battery life and an OLED display.

  • aaloo

    i think the antenna bands on iPhone 6/6s are stylish. small minority of people making a lot of noise about “fugly antenna bands” while standing in line all night to buy the device.

    • lee scott

      Yeah, I have a clear case on my space grey and honestly, I don’t give a rat’s arse about the bands or the color. I literally waked in and said give me the 128GB iPhone S. Color doesn’t matter, but every single space grey unit I’ve tested has the N71mAP processor, so that’s what I got. All this garbage about ugly bands cracks me up as most phones I see have cases anyway…

  • Jon

    If we follow the previous years logic, it is the next iPhone. But I still have hope it will not. Indeed, we don’t know anything about the iphone SE, introduced next week, how could we have informations about a device launched in six months ? According to me, it’s a good fake.

  • Confused

    if that is the iPhone 7, then they went with a smaller phone. The hand in the picture would be huge to hold an iPhone 6 that way. Maybe that pic is the iPhone SE.

    • Ben Durham

      That’s about the same size as my hand, actually. I don’t think it will be too much smaller, although there’s obviously no way of knowing for certain.

  • UZ

    As a designer, the one thing I learned early in my life was that if you cannot hide something, don’t try to. That’s why any iteration of the the antenna bands trying to hide it is still a bad design. Rather create a pill shaped window as per the iPod Touch.

  • I’m more excited about the SE, I can’t stand the 6/6S and 7 design language

  • Álex

    I really just want a darker aluminium in the “space grey” model. More like the black Apple Watch Sport. I was not a huge fan of the antenna bands in the last two iPhone generations. But I really dig this, way more stylish. But honestly, I don’t really look at the back of my phone that much. So I don’t really care.

  • I like it

    “The iPhone’s prominent (and, dare we say it, somewhat ugly) antenna bands”
    No you do not dare say. Apparently you have no appreciation for great design. You, I dare say, have poor taste and like crappy phones like Samsung’s.

  • friFragt

    Yes, the antenna bands are ugly, very very UGLY. But the antenna bands on that leaked photo are even more ugly than on the previous version in my honest opinion. Why not get rid og them COMPLETLY.

  • tjwolf

    If these new bands were made of the patented metal-looking material you speak of, then they sure didn’t do a good job blending it in with the aluminum.

  • David Kaplan

    Can’t they at least blend the color of the antenna bands into the aluminum so you can’t even tell?

  • jykang

    Are the antenna lines that ugly? I really don’t mind them and I prefer the bands on the present iPhones than those in the picture.

  • imtough

    Would it be nice if the lines disappeared?- sure. But its only a boon to the minority that don’t use a case. Until Mother Apple makes an indestructible device most will protect their investment- not to mention those who simply use a case for fashion/self-expressive purposes.

  • nnmns

    Well I’d sure like the phone to be able to quickly find itself out in the boonies instead of spinning its wheel saying “Oh, poor me, I don’t have enough coverage!” Other apps find themselves using the phone’s equipment; why can’t Apple’s apps?