House music superstar Deadmau5 will debut new show on Beats 1


One of the world's biggest EDM artists is coming to Beats 1.
Photo: Hyunji Choi/Flickr CC

Beats 1 just announced its biggest dance music collaborator yet, in the form of massively-popular, 35-year-old Canadian house music producer Joel Thomas Zimmerman, a.k.a. Deadmau5.

Deadmau5’s show, Mau5trap Presents, will debut this Friday at 3pm Pacific or 6pm Eastern, presumably using some of the label talent who feature on his ongoing Mau5hax bus tour.

The noted music producer revealed his new Apple Music affiliation via Twitter, with a post reading “HERE WE GO. @deadmau5 is coming to #Beats1.”

This isn’t the first time Deadmau5 has worked with Apple. He kicked off the 2014 iTunes Festival (now the Apple Music Festival) with a performance streamed live from London.

He’s also previously launched a self-titled app, which offered new music, live streams and chatboards for less a few dollars per month. On top of this, he’s proven his interviewing skills via a series of entertaining “Coffee Run” YouTube videos, in which he takes rides with celebrities and other artists.

Interestingly, Deadmau5 was previously staunchly in support Jay Z’s rival Tidal service. It appears he’s parted ways with that group, however — and has also done battle with Tidal alumni, most notably a recent Twitter spat with Kanye West.

I was talking with my Cult of Android colleague Killian Bell today about whether or not Beats 1 has lived up to the massive amount of potential it offered, or whether it’s faded into being one of the “hobby” projects Apple keeps ticking along quietly in the background.

While I personally find the service to be of inconsistent quality (although the highs are pretty darn high!), adding a megastar like Deadmau5 is certainly a leap in the right direction — particularly for EDM fans.

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  • Jason Tremain

    No mention of the fact that it’s pretty obvious he’s cut ties with Tidal?

    • Luke Dormehl

      Interesting. I’ll look into this and update. Thanks.

  • RyanTV

    Deadmau5 would have been a great draw if we were back in 2007 when he was still making interesting music.

    Faxing Berlin, anyone?