Alleged iPad Air 3 case shows off quad speakers and Smart Connector


This case may offer some big clues about Apple's next tablet.
Photo: Steve Hemmerstoffer

If you’ve been lusting over the feature set of Apple’s iPad Pro, but would rather stick to the 9.7-inch form factor of the smaller-size iPad Air, today could be your lucky day.

That’s because new photos of an alleged iPad Air 3 case (complete with dummy device) appear to show that Apple’s next tablet will be a scaled-down version of the iPad Pro — complete with the same quad speaker setup as its big brother, along with the triple dot Smart Connector that the iPad Pro uses to connect to its Smart Keyboard attachment.

Like the recent iPhone 7 case which popped up online yesterday, these photos don’t necessarily add anything new that we hadn’t already heard rumors about, but do appear to make the reports a bit more plausible.

Another recent report suggested that the iPad Air 3 will also include an A9X processor, while there may additionally be support for the Apple Pencil as well.

Given that the iPad Air 3 (or whatever Apple ultimately opts to call it) is rumored to be introduced in March, alongside the 4-inch iPhone SE, we don’t have too long to wait to find out for sure.

Do you plan to buy the new iPad Air 3? Leave your comments below concerning what would sway you in one direction or the other.

  • David Kaplan

    If it has a 4K display I’m all in, otherwise I don’t need it as I have the iPad Air 2 right now.

  • Robert M Spokane

    I have the iPad Air. I would like to see in addition to what you have rumored above additional memory to 256g. It was the main reason I was not interested in the Pro.

  • I hope it has the same 4GB of RAM; thats the biggest performance bottleneck.

  • wargamer1969

    No 4k , no buy.

  • fing

    its just a tablet