Smart pet collar is like Apple Watch for your dog


On second thought, the Kyon Pet Tracker might have more sensors than the Apple Watch.
Photo: Kyon

Pet owners like to pretend their animal friends can speak with human words. Some even do a little voice when they’re projecting emotions and motivations on to their buddies. It’s okay — I do it, too. But an upcoming device might make your role as Puppy Lorax unnecessary because it will do the talking for you.

It’s called the Kyon Pet Tracker, and that simple and almost cold name belies its really impressive functionality: Not only does it tell you where your best dog (or cat) friend is at all times, but it can also warn you when they’re in danger or lost. And it does so with a cool app and an adorable onboard LED display.

Check it out in action in the video below, but be warned that the part where the collar saves the dog from drowning is really sad.

Kyon expects the Pet Tracker to be in wide release this summer, and it will launch a Kickstarter campaign soon to raise $70,000 to finish funding the smart collar’s production. The device will retail for $249.99, but the company is offering a very limited number for as low as $189 to early backers. In addition to the up-front price of the collar and the hub-like Basestation that communicates with the device while your pet is in your home, owners will also have to pay a monthly fee of $4.99 to cover cellular network costs. And that seems a bit excessive at first, but the Pet Tracker does sound like it will earn that money with some cool features.

For example, the company claims that the location tracker and altimeter are sensitive to within 4 inches to help you find your furry friend if they go outside the “safe zone” of the Basestation or your phone. And it says that the location info will extend to telling you which floor of a building your pet is on.

The collar itself can display your contact information if anyone finds your rogue pup. It also tells you when your pet is too hot, too cold, possibly sick, or, as we learned so stressfully above, maybe at risk of drowning.

“The Kyon collar gives pets a voice,” company co-founder Leon Yohai said in a press release. “Our product is unique and ensures beloved pets are healthy and happy, while also preserving owners’ peace of mind. You never have to worry about your pet being too hot or lost, or that you forgot their medication. The Kyon collar empowers pet owners to take the best care of their pets as possible.”