Mom uses Find my iPhone to track down her kidnapped daughter

Mom uses Find My iPhone to track down her kidnapped daughter


The iPhone isn't ditching LCD screens.
Find My iPhone may have just saved a life.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

A mother used Apple’s Find My iPhone feature to track down her kidnapped daughter, tracing the teenager to a McDonald’s parking lot more than 150 miles from her home in Pittsburgh.

The unnamed daughter was being held against her will by her ex-boyfriend, who allegedly kidnapped her and bound her hands, feet and mouth with duct tape — but apparently (thankfully!) forgot to remove the victim’s iPhone.

The daughter managed to text her mother, requesting help, at which point her mom notified Pennsylvania State Police — who collectively managed to trace her daughter’s location using Find My iPhone and get her back.

“The defendant was attempting to leave Pennsylvania with the victim,” revealed a statement concerning the arrest of 18-year-old suspect Joseph Boller, whose bail has been set at $150,000.

While there’s no doubt that this is a horrible story, it’s a great reminder of how Apple devices can be used to (potentially) save lives — and why we should all have Find My iPhone enabled on our devices, to boot.

Source: NBC News