Crowd at San Francisco Apple Store protests FBI’s iPhone backdoor request


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Protestors show their support for Apple.
Photo: DocPop CC

A crowd of several dozen protesters gathered in front of Apple’s flagship retail store in Francisco last night to protest the U.S. government’s attempt to force Apple to aid the FBI in hacking into an iPhone.

Ranging from privacy advocates to casual iPhone owners, the crowd argued that such a move sets a dangerous precedent that threatens the safety and security of millions of iOS users around the world.

The event was organized by digital rights group Fight for the Future, and featured speakers from the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Similar events are planned for Tuesday, February 23.

Fight the power!
Fight the power!
Photo: EFF CC

“Governments have been frothing at the mouth hoping for an opportunity to pressure companies like Apple into building backdoors into their products to enable more sweeping surveillance,” Fight for the Future campaign director Evan Greer said in a press release, issued before the event. “It’s shameful that they’re exploiting the tragedy in San Bernardino to push that agenda.”

As one Twitter user put it, it’s unusual to see crowds of protestors gathering to show support of a company’s actions, although in this case Apple appears to be winning the public support battle.

Other figures who have rushed to show their support for Apple include Google CEO Sundar Pichai and internet privacy activist and former NSA contractor Edward Snowden.

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Source: Fightforthefuture

  • Noones Bizzness

    I can’t help but note that ironically, most of those protesters are probably progressives who will vote for a president that would execute the most invasive, anti-privacy measures we’ve ever seen. This is no different than exploiting a tragedy to call for more gun control.

  • Les Morpions

    ‘Our thinking is that people have a much closer relationship with their phones than they do with these government institutions’

    Only this generation of critically non-thinking, spoiled, narcissistic morons could possibly develop a close relationship with a phone.

    The same morons then back the entire phone up on a PC that is connected to the internet, and have some concept that is it somehow safe there.

    Funny how the press insists on citing Ed Snowden as Mr. Privacy. The same guy who stole and spilled classified information that endangers individuals and the entire country.

    Fact is, the phone will eventually be unlocked and/or Apple will face serious consequences for balking at the court order..