iOS 9.3 beta 2 brings new goodies


iOS 9.3 beta 2, now available for download. Image: Oliver Haslam - Cult of Mac
iOS 9.3 beta 2, now available for download.
Image: Oliver Haslam/Cult of Mac

Apple just seeded the latest build of iOS 9.3 to developers, with beta 2 now available to download via an over-the-air update on devices with either a current iOS 9.3 beta build installed or Apple’s developer profile configured.

The download, the third beta release of iOS 9.3 following beta 1 and the subsequent beta 1.1, doesn’t yet appear to be available via Apple’s online developer portal.

Exactly what Apple has changed in this latest beta release is as yet unclear. Until Apple updates its developer website with full release notes, we are left to work out what’s new ourselves. Having only been around for a matter of minutes, the only user-facing change we have noticed so far is a redesigned Control Center, with a button being added to allow users to turn the new Night Shift mode on and off as required.

Night shift, which debuted in the initial beta release of iOS 9.3, allows the system software to change the color temperature of an iPhone or iPad display in order to make it easier on the eyes during evening hours. Other new additions in iOS 9.3 include additional 3D Touch menus for apps such as Settings, Compass and others, as well as the ability to secure notes inside Apple’s Notes app with a password or Touch ID.

Apple’s iOS 9.3 beta 2 can be downloaded for iPhone and iPad, though we wouldn’t expect a new version of tvOS to be too far behind it.

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11 responses to “iOS 9.3 beta 2 brings new goodies”

  1. Ajit Singh says:

    So, it took 9 iterations of iOS and a beta 2 version for Apple to bring night mode (“Night Shift”) to its devices. I am pretty sure it’s another “revolutionary” feature for all the Apple fanboys…!!!

    Congratulations fools and Cult of Mac people :D

  2. Dainius Psitulskis says:

    Misleading title considering “Exactly what Apple has changed in this latest beta release is as yet unclear.`’

  3. GreenGirl says:

    So you say “it brings new goodies” but you don’t even know what they are and can’t list / tell us about them.

    What the frak is this post about then if not more click-bait?

    The night-shift was already mentioned (ad-nausem) and even photos of the new control centre shown previously.

    Nothing new here… move along.

  4. londoner says:

    How do you switch on the password for Notes?
    I can’t figure it out…

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