Is iOS 9.3 Night Shift toggle coming to Control Center?


This official Apple image might prove Night Shift will be part of Control Center.
This official Apple image might prove Night Shift will be part of Control Center.
Photo: Apple

For our money, Night Shift is one of the coolest additions to iOS 9.3 beta 1. In fact, it could be the most important UI/UX improvement iOS has added in years.

Even the guys Apple ripped off to come up with the feature are cool with it. But it could get even better before iOS 9.3 is finally released to the general public.

As spotted by Reddit, Apple’s Canadian website reveals an image of Night Shift as a Control Center toggle.

Right now, Night Shift works by “warming” (or making more orange) the light coming from your iPhone or iPad display when the sun goes down. This can have radical effects on your ability to fall asleep easily after nightfall, according to sleep researchers.

Currently this all happens automatically, according to time of day. However, Apple’s official iOS 9.3 shot indicates Night Shift will be a toggle, just like Airplane Mode or Bluetooth, which you can shut on, off or delay until later.

In particular, the promo image suggests Control Center will let you toggle between “Turn On For Now” and “Turn On Until Tomorrow.” Although present on Apple’s Canadian website, the image is missing from the U.S. website.

Perhaps Apple won’t bake Night Shift into Control Center, at the end of the day. But at least Cupertino is thinking about it.

Source: Reddit

  • Is it just me or does anyone else think Night Shift should be tied to the Brightness setting instead of just sunrise and sunset? What if I work nights and sleep during the day? When I go into a darkened room to sleep it should dim and Night Shift should activate.

    • Mrleblanc

      There is also a custom schedule option for that particular case

    • Talukdar shaheb

      Do you like this orange color screen? I don’t like. Apple introduces
      this feature to ease the strain on your eyes when looking at the screen at
      night. What about day time? We all know that,
      modern digital
      devices produce harmful Blue Light. This short wavelength light is known to
      cause eye strain and fatigue, as well as to increase the likelihood of eye
      In my opinion it is better to use a screen protector like “ocushield” which can prevent this harmful blue light and helps to sleep well.

  • GC

    That is not Notification Centre, that is Control Centre.

    • BusterH

      indeed. I’ve corrected the error

  • Hildebrand

    It’s no ripoff. flux was just one of the companies working on blue light reduction and they illegally used private APIs that Apple created.

    • JacktheMac

      Agreed. Perhaps ‘the firm that initially developed the concept’ would be better than ‘the guys Apple ripped off’.

    • Router#bad

      F.Lux is one of the only software developers that have multi-platform software that supports LCD temperature manipulation and blue light reduction, and by far the most popular and widely used. The API that they use isn’t illegal or private, it just isn’t allowed by apps that are developed for the app store, an arbitrary rule that Apple has used to block f.lux’s release. You seem to think that Apple have the only Operating Systems around with a lighting API… This same software has been available for years on Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.

      And yes, it’s a pretty blatant rip-off feature wise

  • terryo

    f.lux did a great job of implementing the reduction of blue colors from Apple’s Mac screens. That being said, with the help of Shades, by Charcoal Design, I did this on my Mac years ago – so it is a solution I derived earlier. f.lux plainly took it to the next level.

    I only recently learned about f.lux and I think it is a wonderful implementation. I’m glad that Apple is considering putting this into an upcoming IOS iteration. Owning some older IOS products, which won’t be supported, I’d encourage Apple to permit f.lux to provide a solution for those of us with older IOS devices.

  • digitaldumdum

    “Is iOS 9.3 Night Shift toggle coming to Control Center?”

    Ripped off version of f.lux, heretofore available only to iOS jail-breakers. Been using it for years on my jailbroken iPhone and iPad, as well as the Mac, for which there is a free version available to anyone. F.lux is one of the several apps and tweaks that jail-breakers list as their number one reason to free their iOS device. Once your phone or pad shifts into a warm color mode at nighttime (based on location or time), you can’t believe how you ever lived without it. The harsh blue of the Mac or iDevice suddenly becomes hard to live with, at least in evening hours. In a word, f.lux is superb, and if so-called Night Shift is even as good, it will become a very popular, if not indispensable feature.