Diversity report shows Apple’s U.S. workforce still mainly white


Apple is pledging to do more on the diversity front.
Apple has pledged to do more on the diversity front.
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Apple’s U.S. workforce is a bit more diverse than it was a year ago, but still predominantly white and male, suggests the most recent EEO-1 Federal Employer Information report.

According to newly-released figures, roughly 30 percent of Apple’s U.S. employees are female, around 8.6 percent are African-American, and 11.7 percent are hispanic or Latino. That’s marginally up from 29 percent female, 8 percent African-American, and 11.5 percent hispanic and Latino in 2014.

Close to 83 percent of Apple’s senior execs and managers are male, with 83.5 percent also white.

The push for diversity has been an ongoing issue, particularly in the tech industry, as of late. Recently Apple was pushed by an investor to rethink its executive line after it was criticized for being a, “little bit too vanilla” in its hiring. In the aftermath, Apple was asked to promote an “accelerated recruitment policy,” although it has argued against this.

The subject was also recently in the news when Apple’s Director of Worldwide Inclusion & Diversity was hired away by Twitter — prompting an online backlash after it was found that he was a white male.

Personally, I always find stories like this troubling. Apple should be hiring the best person, regardless of gender and ethnicity. Certainly, people from every background should be made aware of the possibilities of getting jobs in STEM fields — and I’d support any bill which enhances emphasis on these subjects — but jumping on Apple for not imposing overnight quotas seems reductive and downright damaging.

Rather than looking at the percentage of women and minorities employed by Apple in the U.S., wouldn’t it make more sense to compare the company’s recent hires with the percentage of women, African-American and hispanic and Latino people graduating at the top of the class in the areas Apple is looking to recruit?

Am I wrong? Leave your thoughts on this complex topic below.

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69 responses to “Diversity report shows Apple’s U.S. workforce still mainly white”

  1. doctorSpoc says:

    C’mon man… There is almost never just ‘one best person for a job’ there is usually a pool of people fully qualified for a job… all they’re asking is that if that pool of qualified candidates has an underrepresented group pick that person… that’s it! No one is asking anyone to hire unqualified people… stop perpetuating this nonsense!

    • Luke Dormehl says:

      I’m not trying to “perpetuate nonsense,” I’m trying to legitimately discuss a topic that I think is far too complex to be solved with quotas and the like. Are you suggesting that Apple is actually looking at a pool of identically-qualified candidates and choosing to nefariously hire white males instead of anyone else then?

      • doctorSpoc says:

        What you’re missing is that a diversity is not a good will thing… Apple sells globally to a diverse market and as such there are real, business reasons why it’s desirable to have people who are designing products, selling products, negotiating contracts, tax incentives etc reflect and have the perspective of the markets that Apple deals with… ditto for management team etc… this is not some kind of hand out, if that’s what you’re insinuating… this is good for Apple on many levels… this is something that Apple needs to push because it’s good for Apple’s bottom line…. from what I’ve read Tim Cooke agrees with that sentiment and articulates this quite well… only conflict being he just wants to use his own plan to achieve diversity and doesn’t want to be dictated to…

    • v1_rotate says:

      I agree, there are always a group of qualified applicants, However, Apple makes a practice of hiring the best, and not just the fully qualified. All college graduates have degrees, but few graduate with honors. Even within an elite group of applicants, you’ll find points of differentiation.

  2. v1_rotate says:

    Quotas cannot determine the right candidate for a position. When diversity quotas are implemented, you will have people knowingly hired for the color of their skin, and not the level of their skill. Is that not blatant racism? I think it better to examine the number of minorities that applied for the positions, then compare those numbers to the percentages that get hired. Only then do you have a quantifiable number to determine what the hiring practices really are. But that means that you’ve got to get those demographics up front, and that’d be wrong, wouldn’t it?

    Side note: Putting a line in your text defending Apple’s HR practices, with a title like you’ve got here, seems a bit contradictory doesn’t it?

    • Luke Dormehl says:

      It can be a challenge to choose the right headline to summarize a complex story, but I don’t think the headline is at odds with what I’ve written in this case, is it? I mean, the diversity report does show that Apple’s U.S. workforce is mainly white — the disagreement is whether this is something Apple should be responsible for changing.

      • v1_rotate says:

        Perhaps I’m being to sensitive. Considering I’m a white male of a certain age, I feel as though I’ve been given a handful labels that I didn’t ask for.

      • doctorSpoc says:

        But you’ve got this bass akwards Apple/Tim Cooke has already come to the conclusion that there are real, concrete, business reasons for Apple to be diverse… the only issue is HOW they get there, not IF they get there….

  3. bIg hIlL says:

    “Apple In More Wogs Wanted Scandal”

  4. Denise Warner says:

    By “white,” they mean “including Asians.”

  5. SBacklin says:

    I’m with Luke. I find stuff like this troubling….very troubling. I think any sensible person would already agree that people need to be hired based on skills, experience and credentials. Race should NEVER play a factor. I’d say until someone can definitively prove that Apple is racially biased in their hiring practices. Leave them alone. Obviously, what they have been doing is working for them.

    When people start pitching a fit because there isn’t enough black, hispanics or asians, etc, they become part of the racial problem. Those people effectively turn the tables and create a racially charged atmosphere that is biased against whites. This entirely defeats the purpose to being inclusive. Also, when you keep bringing race up just like this situation, the racial problem will NOT go away.

    • Luke Dormehl says:

      Where I can totally agree with the macro point is that everyone should have an equal shot at a job. If only gender and ethnic background are going into, say, engineering, then someone should explore why this is — and whether people are not getting the educational opportunities they need to become interested in that field. But once you’re dealing with a post-college level of jobseekers it seems arbitrary to insist that Apple discriminates by hiring people based on anything other than their skill.

      • SBacklin says:

        If only one gender/ethnicity is going into a field such as engineering, then it would be worth looking into. I’ve read various things over the last few months where people were calling Apple racists because there wasn’t enough non-whites. I find it outrageous. Its easy to jump on a PC bandwagon but, here its innocent until proven guilty. That’s why in my OP I said for those people to leave Apple alone unless they can definitively prove Apple specifically chose said employees because of their race.

      • Tallest Skil says:

        >>If only one gender/ethnicity is going into a field such as engineering, then it would be worth looking into.

        Or maybe, just maybe, they like it and you can’t force anyone else to like it, too.

      • SBacklin says:

        That is very true as well. It very well could be that those people whom you see in engineering are the only people interested in it.

      • Tallest Skil says:

        >>If only gender and ethnic background are going into, say, engineering, then someone should explore why this is — and whether people are not getting the educational opportunities they need to become interested in that field.

        Why? Why does that matter? Why should anyone care? Why should people be forced into a specific field? Why should equality be the desire?

        Gender roles, while often thought of as societal constructs, are biological pre-dispositions. The majority of men (approximately 15% deviance) have a natural interest in object-oriented tasks. The majority of women (again, approximately 15% deviance) have a natural interest in people-oriented tasks. Society didn’t create gender roles–society merely grew accustomed to them. That’s what society does–it grows accustomed to the way things are and holds it in place. Biological predisposition is what set the trend, and society grew accustomed to those predispositions. Society is not active, it is passive.

        Like shoving a stick through a bucket of molasses, it doesn’t actually push back or move the stick around itself–it simply holds onto wherever the stick is, or has been moved to. Individuals cause change, society keeps it there and keeps change as a slow progression.

        Ask yourself why, in Norway, for example, 85% of Nurses are female, and 85% of engineers are male, regardless of how hard the education system has tried to reverse the roles. The answer is quite innocent. It comes in the form of the most common response from school children, “That sounds boring.”

        Most men don’t want to be nurses, because it would bore them. Most women don’t want to be engineers, because it would bore them.

        Out of free will–a free choice to decide what we want for ourselves–we reenforce gender roles.

        To create a perfect 50/50 split in all fields of study would require the elimination of free choice, to force women into engineering, and men into nursing, because the quota demands it.

        And as for feminists… which fields are they studying? Sociology, Women’s Studies, etc.

        And what are those? People-oriented tasks.

        Yep, you read that right. Out of free will, feminists have chosen gender roles.

      • Luke Dormehl says:

        I don’t disagree with you. My point was that, if this topic is a concern, the focus should be on making sure people have access to the same opportunities in education. If people want to study different things at the end of it — and I suspect they do — there’s no reason to push them into it for means of quota filling.

      • Tallest Skil says:

        >>there’s no reason to push them into it for means of quota filling.

        Hear hear.

      • Marcus Garvey says:

        If only white people weren’t so racist and actually hired based on qualifications and not race. Until then we have to force you people to hire qualified minorities.

      • Tallest Skil says:

        And reported for libel. Keep your bullshit to yourself.

      • Marcus Garvey says:

        Whatever you say. Keep crying about “reverse racism” because we have to force you to hire qualified minorities. Don’t like it? Stop being so racist and we won’t have to implement such measures.

      • Tallest Skil says:


        >>force you

        This is why no one takes you seriously.

    • Marcus Garvey says:

      White people need to understand that telling minorities to “Close your eyes and stop talking about it” is never going to make the racial problem go away. It isn’t minorities job to make whites non racist. That is your job. No one is making anything biased against whites. Whites will always be the majority with jobs and money. STOP claiming this is reverse racism. IT ISN’T. Many minorities are overlooked simply because their name isn’t white enough. YES their is racial bias in hiring practices. Whether its consciously or subconsciously.

      • SBacklin says:

        I never said it would go away. My point was that by constantly bringing it up or making it about race does not help it go away and in fact, helps make it worse as explained above.

        I’m sorry but when people start calling for people to be hired based on skin color then yes, IT IS reverse racism.

        Also, I never said, that racism doesn’t exist. Prove Apple is biased in their hiring practices then come talk to me. Just because its PC to say there is and jump on the PC bandwagon doesn’t make it true. I’m so beyond sick and tired of people crying race any chance they get just because its in thing to do and/or because one thinks it will get them something. Not everyone is racist and this pandering is what hurts everyone.

        Also, you’re last sentence is what anyone would call manufactured racism. Another way to look at it is this. I’m choosing to believe that Apple isn’t racially biased in their hiring practices and since we are a country where we’re innocent until proven guilty, its perfectly right to say that there isn’t a racial problem at Apple and thus you’re statements do construe the aforementioned manufactured racism.

        Lastly, something that peeves me is this. Its there and not their.

      • Marcus Garvey says:

        To sum up your post….”Stop complaining about racism. You can’t prove individuals in HR are racist so we’ll continue to ignore the years worth of data and studies that have shown otherwise. I am a white man and I say reverse racism is real! How dare you pick from a pool of qualified minorities instead of a group of white men??? White men make up the majority of the most successful and rich, can’t you see it isn’t fair to us white men????”…..yawn. Just because you get tired of hearing about race doesn’t mean we’ll stop talking about it. Not talking about it will never make it go away and bringing it up will in your words, “only make it worse” because whites have that privilege of doing so. So sorry that you get annoyed with hearing the plight of minorities all the time. Imagine having to actually live with it.

      • SBacklin says:

        Let me point out where your logic is flawed. “Years worth of data and studies”. Right there is where you made a mistake. Does any of that data specifically say that Apple is biased in their hiring process? No, see, you’re trying to take statistical data that shows various HR people across many companies may be biased or are biased and then saying “oh that must mean Apple is too” and then saying it has to be so. Thats exactly like if I went out and found a statistic that said 1 in 5 people (just a example) had HIV. I could go pick 5 people up off the street and get them tested and the results could easily show that NONE of them have HIV, why? Because the application of statistical data cannot be applied in situations just like these. You have to prove when you make specific accusations and you cannot change the charge to HR in general, covering multiple companies when you’re losing the argument. You come here saying Apple is biased. Prove it. Until then, quit going around and being a race baiter. Its thinking like yours that HELPS keep the racial divide alive. In other words, you’re not helping. Lastly, you said “you can’t prove individuals in HR are racists so we’ll continue to ignore…..”. Yes, why? Because people are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty and what you’re doing is saying is Apple is guilty until proven innocent. Prove their guilt and until then…shut it…I just love the permanent victim mentality you’re putting forth. I applaud the fact you want to try and make it better for all but, how you’re going about it is wrong, plain and simple. Doing it the way you are going about it makes you just as bad as the people you are making a case about. Think about that for a while. That said, I see we’re staring to rehash points and so I’ve said what needs to be said. I’m moving onto other topics. If I can’t get you to see where you’re wrong on this, then we’ll agree to disagree and with that I’m done.

      • Marcus Garvey says:

        We just have to agree to disagree. Because yes im assuming that years worth of statistical data is applied to ALL. Want to know why? A little thing called SYSTEMIC RACISM. As in…a system that expands not just one company…but the whole structure of our society. Our society ingrains these racist ideals into our heads, so its only fair to assume that people apply these ideals in their day to day lives. Whether consciously or sub-consciously. I know it hurts to admit the reality of it because that would mean you would have to take a step back and look in the mirror. There is no permanent victim mentality…only truths that we dare to speak on. At the end of the day…white men are the most successful people in this country, hiring a few minorities isn’t going to hurt you one bit.

      • Tallest Skil says:

        You believe in “systemic racism”, so if the rest of your mentally ill tirades hadn’t already convinced people you’re insane, that will.

      • Marcus Garvey says:

        Systemic racism is real. Whether environmental (the majority of poor blacks are forced to live near waste sites and have no access to proper hospitals) or in education(black children are more harshly punished than white children in school for the same offenses). Its sad there are so many racists like you out there that help perpetuate it.

      • Tallest Skil says:

        >>Systemic racism is real.

        Yes, in the US in the form of Affirmative Action and in South Africa and Zimbabwe in the form of the genocide of all remaining whites. As well as a few other places.



        >>more harshly punished

        Guess who’s in education, boyo. Guess who is expressly forbidden from EVER punishing his black students, under orders from his corporation’s superintendent. OOPS! Now get your foot out of your mouth and back in line.

        >>Its sad there are so many racists like you out there that help perpetuate it.

        You’re never a racist until you’re told you are. Guess I am now. Congrats on creating your own worst nightmare, because I am a man of conviction, and I won’t rest until long after the quotas are not only destroyed, but reversed.

      • Marcus Garvey says:

        Genocide of whites in South Africa?? BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA poor white man. Angry that the black people took their land back? Doesn’t feel good does it?
        Ohhhhh so you’re in education? AND you aren’t allowed to punish any black kids?? I highly doubt that someone as racist against blacks as you would let that slide. If you’re in education then I live on Mars, “boyo”.
        “You are never a racist until you are told you are”….classic racist mantra. “Yea I hate black people and think they should be eradicated….im not a racist you just think I am!!!”–you aka dumb @SS.
        Congrats white man. Keep trying to “reverse” AA( it already is as the status quo)….you won’t get far. We progress as a nation, we won’t be going back to the old days.

      • Tallest Skil says:

        >>white people need to understand that

        Reported for blatant racism. Fuck off.

        >>STOP claiming this is reverse racism. IT ISN’T.

        Go fuck yourself, racist.

        >>Many minorities are overlooked simply because their name isn’t white enough.

        Prove it, motherfucker.

      • Marcus Garvey says:

        Wah wah wah…cry away white man. How is saying “white people” racist?

      • Tallest Skil says:

        And again.

      • Marcus Garvey says:

        How is saying “white people” racist?

  6. Marcus Garvey says:

    The fact that you think every person of color that is hired for diversity is underqualified just shows how racist some people are. The “quotas” are there because qualified minorities are simply overlooked because of their color. No one is saying hire a minority with no skills or talent over the smartest white man to ever walk the earth. We are simply saying to get a pool of well qualified minorities and choose from there. Whether you choose to believe it or not, minorities are overlooked because of race. Many minority families choose to name their kids the whitest names possible simply because their resumes won’t get tossed in the trash. Cmon man..

    • Luke Dormehl says:

      So you’re saying that Apple is explicitly biased in its hiring decisions?

      • Marcus Garvey says:

        Apple as a company? Of course not. Individuals scattered throughout the many HR offices they have? More than likely.

      • SBacklin says:

        Its all assumptions. Until one can prove anywhere, in any company that there is racial bias, its assumptions and manufactured racism.

        It makes me think of an article I read about a community college in Oregon where they were literally turning their school into one huge PC campus. I was so flabbergasted at what I read. I could only describe it as they were going to be teaching students that all whites should be guilty of something and teaching that all minorities were some kind of victim class. I would never want that taught. Teach all students that everyone is equal that is how you really begin to make things right for everyone, whites, minorities and all.

      • Marcus Garvey says:

        Teach students the reality….on paper everyone is equal but in the real world that is far from the case. No matter how much you preach it there will always be racism towards non whites and sadly diversity quotas are the only way to combat it and ensure everyone gets a fair shot. Because many HR people will overlook a resume with the name Sha’queisha before they do a resume with the name Susie. Its not assumptions…its fact.

      • Luke Dormehl says:

        But is it? There are plenty of reports that suggest just the opposite. I think my issue with this is that, while I don’t think you’re wrong about some of the bigger issues here, diversity quotas are not “the only way” to solve the problem. Doesn’t it make more sense to ensure that STEM fields are pushed at an educational level?

      • SBacklin says:

        They are definitely not the way. You’re right. Its hypocritical and reverse racism. Those people with Marcus’s thinking just don’t even want it to be called that but that’s exactly what it is.

      • Marcus Garvey says:

        Unfortunately…we can’t stop white people from being racist. And since they are the ones that hold the power, forcing them to hire qualified minorities is the only way to ensure that some of us get a fair shot.

    • Tallest Skil says:

      >>The “quotas” are there because qualified minorities are simply overlooked because of their color.

      Nope. Completely and utterly incorrect. The quotas are there to hire less-qualified people to meet, again, A FUCKING QUOTA. An arbitrary number that makes the feelings of mentally ill people less bad.

      • Marcus Garvey says:

        No. Your inner hatred makes you assume that minorities are not qualified. What we are saying is to hire from a pool of qualified candidates. Whites will skip right past a resume with the name Sha’Quisha but not a Susan. Why? Because they are racist and assume the black name isn’t a good candidate. These policies help fight people like you.

      • Tallest Skil says:

        >>Your inner hatred

        Why not predicate your argument on something you actually know rather than something you’re inventing based on nothing? Seems like that would work better.

        >>What we are saying is to hire from a pool of qualified candidates.

        That’s literally what has been done since the beginning of time. You don’t want that. You want the pool to forcibly include people who would not otherwise be there.

        >>Whites will skip right past a resume with the name Sha’Quisha but not a Susan. Why? Because they are racist…

        Okay, thanks for playing. You lose.

        >>These policies help fight people like you.

        And reported for libel.

      • Marcus Garvey says:

        Whats literally happened is that qualified candidates that are not white get over looked. This is a fact. You know it. I know it. Everyone knows it.

      • Tallest Skil says:

        >>This is a fact

        Should be easily provable, then.

        >>You know it

        Guess I don’t, because it isn’t happening.

        >>I know it

        Your brain isn’t really a valid metric here.

        >>Everyone knows it

        All the more reason that you should have proof. Except the exact opposite is happening.

      • Marcus Garvey says:

        It is easily provable. Its been proven countless times. There was a study that was in the New York times that had an application with exactly 17 errors be sent to several law firms. Half of the HR people were told the applicant was white while the other half were told he was black. The results showed that the average errors found for when the applicant was white was 8 and the overall rating for said applicant was a 4.1. When the applicant was black however the average errors found was 12 and the overall rating was 2.4. It was the SAME EXACT ESSAY. Racism is ingrained in our society. MLK said it best when asked about integration of public schools, “White people view black people as inferior. A large percentage of them have a very low opinion of our race. People with such a low view of the black race cannot be given free rein and put in charge of the intellectual care and development of our boys and girls.”

      • Tallest Skil says:

        >>Its been proven countless times.

        And yet only the opposite shows up in any measured statistics. Huh.

        >>People with such a low view of the black race cannot be given free rein and put in charge of the intellectual care and development of our boys and girls.

        And yet that’s exactly what has happened, as those with zero expectation of success are now in charge of negro success.


      • Marcus Garvey says:

        Are you retarded? There are zero studies that show the opposite. And yes that is exactly what happened. White supremacy has poisoned us. Anytime black people pull themselves up as a whole, here comes you all pulling us right back down. Happens every single time. Tulsa, Oklahoma is the first thing that comes to mind regarding this issue and white hatred for us. Whine all you want white man. Quotas are going nowhere because your racism is going nowhere. If only you people could put aside your blind hatred for us and treat us equally. But since you can’t the only left to do is force you to via Affirmative Action.

      • Tallest Skil says:

        >>There are zero studies that show the opposite.

        The opposite is mandated by law, so keep your fucking bullshit to yourself.

        >>White supremacy has poisoned us.

        Thanks for playing. You’re a complete lunatic.

        >>Anytime black people pull themselves up as a whole, here comes you all pulling us right back down.

        Go fuck yourself, you worthless liar. You have zero facts on your side. We have the whole of human history on ours.

        >>Tulsa, Oklahoma is the first thing that comes to mind regarding this issue and white hatred for us.

        Wow, someone who actually knows about “Black Wall Street”. That’s a rarity. Still, you don’t seem to have a clue about when negroes in America actually stopped working to better themselves.

        It’s never your fault, after all.

        >>Quotas are going nowhere

        They’ll be repealed before the decade is out.

        >>If only you people could put aside your blind hatred for us and treat us equally.

        Act equally. Then you’ll be treated equally.

        >>force you

        Thank you, again, for disproving your own argument and proving literally everything that I have said.

        You are a mentally defective pile of shit who will be deported–at best–for your genocidal and treasonous talk.

      • Marcus Garvey says:

        The opposite is mandated by law….but the law clearly doesn’t favor black people as a whole so it means nothing. You bring it up and racists like you whine “Proveeee itttttt” like it isn’t clear as day. I have zero facts on my side? Google Tulsa, Oklahoma. Google who killed MLK and Malcolm X. Google what you people did to Marcus Garvey. Google what your kind did to black people in the Tuskeegee experiment. You’re monsters. 300 men women and children massacred in Oklahoma…why? Because a cracker was jealous. Quota are going nowhere buddy. They haven’t been repealed for decades. Its going nowhere. “Act equally and be treated equally”? LOL We’ve been acting equally since you stole us and brought us here. We can’t help your race is a cancer on this planet. I have said nothing “genocidal” or “treasonous”….unless asking that blacks be treated equally equates to those. Which in hindsight makes sense, this country was built on racist white supremacy ideals after all.

    • JJ says:

      There is no proof that Apple does not hire someone because of their color. I can also say that maybe Apple does not hire someone of color because they are over qualified and too smart for the position. Went to Del Taco the other day and not a single white person was working there. What a racist company Del Taco is.

      • Marcus Garvey says:

        Not a single white person was working there because no one wants to work at Del Taco. Systemic racism ensures that minorities get the short end of the stick.

  7. Mohammad Ridwan says:

    This is liberalism gone berserk. And people wonder why Donald Trump is winning? You hire people based on skills not skin color.

    • Marcus Garvey says:

      Donald Trump is winning because American whites lost their minds seeing a black man get elected.

      • Mohammad Ridwan says:

        I’m not white and I support Donald Trump. BTW what you said is incredibly racist but according to libtard logic it’s ONLY racist when you generalize against non-white folks, amirite?

      • Marcus Garvey says:

        Guessing by the fact you support trump and use the term “libtard”…I can guarantee you’re white. And im only generalizing white people that are right wing. Im not judging the whites that voted for Obama.

      • Mohammad Ridwan says:

        Uh huh.. still living inside that rainbow unicorn filled liberal utopian bubble I see. Keep dreaming sweet prince.

      • Marcus Garvey says:

        Uh huh…still trying to get the south to “rise ‘gin” and go back to the good old days when minorities were quiet about the problems they faced. I bet you think MLK was a republican that would denounce BLM too LOL

      • Mohammad Ridwan says:

        He would. BLM is a disgrace to black people. All lives matter,

      • Marcus Garvey says:

        If you think saying Black lives matter means others don’t…then you are definitely a racist. If Black lives have to matter for ALL lives to matter genius. MLK wasn’t the white washed good little negro America has made him into. He and Malcolm X were becoming closer and closer right up until one of you assassinated him.

  8. Tallest Skil says:

    Guess what? The US is still mainly white. Get over it.

    • JJ says:

      I know right. Del Taco, Taco Bell, Panda Express, UniVision etc are doing a great job not hiring white people as well. No one is complaining.

  9. JJ says:

    It’s really simple. More none white citizens should create more companies and hire their own. It’s natural to hire your own kind in your own establishment. Go to any Mexican or Chinese restaurants and tell me if there is a white staff working there. NONE. It’s not fair for a white person to establish a big company and be forced to hire non whites just for diversity’s sake. Although I am sure that companies owned by white people do hire non whites when they see that he or she is a good fit.

  10. Jee Rant says:

    according to the last census, the US is still mostly (77%) white. So isn’t this assumption a rational one?

  11. Brian says:

    Since 8.6 percent are African-American, and 11.7 percent are Hispanic or Latino, is it assumed that the rest – about 80% – are White? What is the proportion of East Asians and Indians? I find it funny how diversity watch dogs do not consider Asians and Indian Americans part of being diverse.

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