Steve Jobs ‘flop’ bags two Golden Globe awards


Michael Fassbender as Steve Jobs.
Cheer up, Steve. You won!
Photo: Universal Pictures

Steve Jobs picked up Golden Globes for “Best Screenplay” and “Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role,” but lost out on the “Best Actor” and “Best Original Score” prizes at last night’s star-studded Hollywood event.

“I’m usually better at words,” said screenwriter Aaron Sorkin, claiming his award. “You can perform surgery on me. I’m so stunned by what’s happened.”

Sorkin also addressed the movie’s box office failure, which saw it perform about the same as the (lower-budgeted) 2013 Ashton Kutcher flop, Jobs.

“The title of the movie changed to ‘Box Office Failure Steve Jobs’ after its third week,” Sorkin said. “It took some of the air out of the pride that we were feeling [at the time]. We didn’t want that to be the epithet of the movie. [Winning the Golden Globe] is just very, very nice.”

Kate Winslet was the recipient of the Best Performance of an Actress in a Supporting Role prize, for her performance as Mac PR guru Joanna Hoffman.

In the movie’s other nominated categories, Michael Fassbender lost best actor in a drama to The Revenant’s Leonardo DiCaprio, while best score went to Ennio Morricone for The Hateful Eight instead of Steve Jobs’ Daniel Pemberton.

Considering its disastrous box office performance, Steve Jobs is doing reasonably well this award season. Recently it racked up three BAFTA nominations, the U.K.’s most respected film prize. Jobs actor Michael Fassbender also won the International Star prize at the recent Palm Springs International Film Festival, presented by his co-star Winslet.

The movie has, however, received negative backlash from Silicon Valley denizens and select movie critics. Veteran reviewer Rex Reed called Steve Jobs his pick for worst film of 2015.

  • This just shows that the opinion of the movie going public obviously means nothing to the award givers. If a movie sucks in the mind of the consumer, it doesn’t deserve awards. How many product engineers and designers get awards for failed products? If Apple created a new gadget, and it was a total flop, would Apple hand a bunch of awards and bonuses to the engineers and designers who created it? Nope.

    • The Pool Man

      Audiences believe STAR WARS and HARRY POTTER and LOTRs and NOLAN BATMANS are the bestest movies ever. They’re actually garbage. They’re McMovies.

      Have a nice day!

  • C0C0tva

    I watched it over the weekend and oddly enough it was a really good movie. I know it wasn’t accurate but once you reconciled that, the acting was superb with a solid story line. I understand why purist’s would hate it but it wasn’t a bad movie.

  • 2oh1

    Awesome! That’s 1 Golden Globe for every dollar the movie made in theaters. Well done! Interestingly, the physical awards they were handed look nothing like Golden Globes. I wonder if they were disappointed.

  • The Pool Man

    What do you mean ‘flop’ in quotes. It was a FLOP. A flop is a film that is a fiscal failure. A flop doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad film. It merely means audiences avoided it in droves.