Get ready for official Space Black Milanese Loop Apple Watch bands


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Is this the most attractive Apple Watch band yet?
Photo: Apple

Apple appears to be set to launch a brand new Apple Watch band in the form of a 42mm Space Black Milanese Loop band for Space Black steel watches — and it looks gorgeous!

Pictures of the new band have popped up on Czech Republic Apple Store website, accompanying the news that the Apple Watch will arrive in that market later this month, on January 29.

While there’s no word on when the band will be available elsewhere (and, while unlikely, this could turn out to be a Photoshop mistake on Apple’s part), this is definitely one of the most attractive Apple Watch/band combos I’ve seen yet.

Apple currently sells a Milanese Loop band made of mesh steel for $149, although third-party versions (including ones in Space Gray) sell for as little as $12.65 on eBay and Amazon.

Would you buy the Space Black Milanese Loop band for your Apple Watch? Leave your comments below.

Source: Apple

Via: 9to5Mac

  • DarthDisney

    I just buy knockoffs, I cant justify waisting money on these overpriced straps.

    • Winter Charm

      There’s a big difference in quality between the knockoff brands and the real straps from apple.

      many people on /r/applewatch subreddit have confirmed this time and time again.

  • winstonsmith39

    If I was buying an Apple Watch, I’d consider it. It does look good.

  • Wloda

    Amazon $25 DLS on Black Friday, China its al over the world