Obama uses Fitbit to get a fit bod while snubbing Apple Watch


Obama decided against an Apple Watch.
Photo: Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

When it comes to wearables, Barack Obama has given the POTUS stamp of approval to the Fitbit Surge, leaving the Apple Watch out in the cold.

Viewers got a glimpse of Obama’s presidential wrist during his recent appearance on Jerry Seinfeld’s web series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. Given that Obama’s previously been open about his inability to own an iPhone (which the Apple Watch needs in order to operate) due to security concerns, it’s no surprise he would opt for a Fitbit.

Still, it’s another compelling example of why the Apple Watch 2 needs to be more of a standalone device!

Despite reportedly being an avid iPad user, Obama’s got a spotty history when it comes to Apple products. When he shared two vacation playlists last year, they notably used Spotify instead of Apple Music. During this Christmas’ disappointing “Bear Goes Wild with Barack Obama” documentary, the President also revealed that he’s pretty much completely clueless when it comes to using an iPhone — sticking, as he does, to a 2007-era BlackBerry.

Since the President will have a whole lot more free time by the end of this year, maybe he’s just saving up the Apple Watch for when he can give it a bit more attention. Then again, perhaps Barack is just bitter about rival Jeb Bush claiming that an Apple Watch can do more for healthcare than Obamacare has.

Source: Daily Dot

Via: Patently Apple

  • bdkennedy11

    It doesn’t have all the encryption.

    • Tyler Allen

      I’d be willing to bet that’s why he uses Fitbit. The Apple Watch logs a lot of information, and Apple doesn’t build back doors, so the US Gov probably doesn’t feel comfortable with it.

  • PTVMan

    Another headline with false information. You have no f*in idea if Mr. Obama “snubbed” the Apple Watch. I know you’re not a real journalist but you could act like one.

    • TechnoBuff

      Cult of Mac like clickbaits, it is not surprising that Luke wrote this……..

  • Tomáš Kubín

    One reason more to buy Apple products, if Barack Liar Hussein do not use it …

  • PTVMan

    Kevin, You are an ignorant racist fool.

  • BruceW

    Click bait. Terrible title, and honestly a pointless article. This site is becoming nearly pointless to visit, not to mention a hassle. Awful articles that are either click bait or include broken, illiterate English. Too many irrelevant reviews that are blatant money grabs for the site. Egregiously annoying ads and full-screen pop-ups that make the site unusable on mobile without a content blocker, and slow and glitchy on a computer. Finally, the messy layout of COM rounds out the list that could be leading towards future obsolescence for this site.

  • Tyler Allen

    I have an Apple Watch, and I love it, but I kinda want a Fitbit. I get it, conserve battery, but that should be my choice. If I’m at 75% and I want to turn the heartbeat monitor on every other minute, and place the rate on the modular view then I should be able.

    The Fitbit would only be used at the gym, and on runs, but I do have a need. True, the Apple Watch will also be worn, because of music with Bluetooth headphones. Solo watch on runs and phone close by when at gym.

    Side note: multiple playlist and the ability to put songs on repeat!

  • Steve A.

    Hey the POTUS is smarter than I thought! Such a POS device.

  • efalkenburg

    Obama is not just cool, he’s a great man.