2016 could be the year Apple goes crazy for VR


VR may be happening soon,  and Apple might want to jump in.
VR may be happening soon, and Apple might want to jump in.
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Apple might need to play catch-up in the coming year with Oculus, Samsung, and Sony already promoting their own brand of virtual reality (VR) headsets and technologies.

Virtual reality is the next big thing, and we’ll see a ton of it at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES) for sure, but one analyst has already jumped in with his predictions about Cupertino’s chances for another hit product in the VR space.

Since Apple has already experimented with virtual reality headsets before settling on an Apple Watch, and it’s acquired augmented reality company Metaio last May, it’s also possible the world’s largest tech company will jump into the VR space before too long.

Daniel Ives of FBR & Co says that, in his opinion, Apple will be “very aggressive on the virtual/ augmented reality front through organic as well as acquisitive means in 2016.”

According to Ives, this move will represent a natural extension of the iPhone ecosystem already in place.

Drones and wearables like the Apple Watch are big right now, too, but Ives believes that VR is on the cusp of becoming a hot new consumer product.

“After years of development,” said Ives, “the tech world will be getting its first glimpse of the highly anticipated virtual reality systems set to hit the consumer market in 2016 with Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and PlayStation VR all prepping to release their VR systems…”

Apple tends to jump into product cycles well past the “cutting edge” stage these days, preferring to wait until their own take on a hot new product category–like the Apple TV and Apple Watch–can be given the traditional Apple polish and design. It’s doubtful that Apple will rush a sub-par VR experience to market, no matter how many Samsung Gear goggles or Google cardboard units are out in the wild. Of course, we can’t count out Microsoft with it’s own unique focus on augmented reality and Hololens. The landscape is shifting, so it’s probably a good bet that Apple will get into the VR scene soon enough.

Source: Barron’s
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  • It just doesn’t seem like something that Apple would produce. I cant imagine them introducing tech that’s so intrusive of everyday life :

  • Martin Sangolt

    Apple going into VR does’t make much sense. Everything Apple makes is so subtle and non-intrusive, and they appeal to the masses. The Apple Watch is a niche product, but it still appeals to most people. It appeals to the masses because Apple hides the technology in tech products, so they feel intuitive, simple and aesthetically pleasing. “It works like magic”.

    A VR-headset is a niche product that screams technology, and wrapping it neatly won’t help. If Apple would make a VR-related product it would have to be AR-headsets that can be more subtle, maybe with its own brand – like Beats.

  • bdkennedy

    Apple wouldn’t go into VR unless it’s a cohesive part of its ecosystem.

  • tjwolf

    No way Apple would get into the VR space – not nearly enough mass market appeal! Even AR is a stretch after what happened with Google Glass. Nobody wants to be a “glass hole”.

    Personally, I’m hoping Apple comes out with always-on Bluetooth ear pods. Imagine how useful it would be to sake Siri questions without using your hands and your phone in the pocket. Talking to Apple Watch is still too inconvenient – especially since Siri doesn’t vocalize it’s answers.