Apple slashes iPhone 6s prices in India after disappointing sales


Apple is trying to get the iPhone 6s into more people's hands in India.
Photo: Apple

Apple has slashed the price of the iPhone 6s in India, reportedly after lower than expected sales over Diwali.

The handsets are now at least 16 percent cheaper than when they first launched two months ago — with the the basic 16GB iPhone 6s now costing between Rs 52,000 and Rs 55,000 ($785 – $830), down from the Rs 62,000 ($935) launch price. Many retailers are additionally offering other incentives to try and get customers to buy.

As I’ve written before, India is a growing market for Apple, although it is yet to find exactly the right strategy to grow in a market where there is such a disparity between rich and poor customers, and many will opt for lower cost handsets. This isn’t the first time Apple has cut its product prices in India in an attempt to grow market share and get them into more people’s hands.

Apple is also pursuing other avenues to growing its business in India. This year Tim Cook has met with the Indian prime minister to discuss all things Apple, and come to an arrangement about official Apple Stores in India, alongside launching the Apple Watch and, most recently, the iPad Pro.

India’s Communications and I.T. Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad has additionally pushed for Apple to open an R&D center in the country, while there has been increasing talk about Foxconn shifting iPhone production to India, since this would allow it to get around the problem of accelerating wage inflation in China, where the majority of iPhones are made at the moment.

Recently we reported on Apple’s decision to try and stabilize its sales in India by targeting the education and enterprise market — with hopes that this will one day make up an impressive 15-20 percent of its revenue.

With record sales worldwide, I doubt that Apple execs are going to lose too much sleep over disappointing iPhone sales in India. Having made progress in 2015, however, hopefully next year will be the year Apple’s work in India finally takes off as hoped.

Source: Economic Times

  • hotbari

    16% is hardly considered slashing.

    • El Capitan Morgan

      16% is pretty good for an IPhone considering Apple doesn’t normally do that.

      • hotbari

        I never said it wasn’t a good deal. Just pointing out that when people refer to slashing prices it mean 40-60% not 16%

  • jaffa99

    Apple excel at milking fools.

    iphone prices are a joke, ‘slashed’ or not.

    • Jaime Alan Mendez Castro

      iPhone camera was developed by more than 800 enginiers… do you think they would do it for free?

      • jaffa99

        Wow that must take some awesome selfies.

  • Skanoza

    Unless India steps up to world-class quality in manufacturing and mass-production, AND (very importantly) learns to play nice (i.e. improves its laws and policies towards the high security and secrecy standards of Apple products), we will never have manufacturing done here leave alone R&D which is a far cry.
    So, prices of Apple products are always going to be high. No point crying about prices when we don’t have the kind of hi-tech manufacturing quality that China has been able to produce, and that too, at ridiculously low costs. It comes down to work pride and workmanship, and sadly, India currently lacks in both departments.