Apple reveals its ‘best of 2015’ picks for iTunes and App Store


What did Apple pick this year?
Photo: Apple

2015 is almost over, and Apple has released its list of its favorite apps, games, and pop culture artefacts which landed in the App Store and on iTunes over the past twelve months.

Alongside expected categories like best iPhone and iPad app, the list also includes newer categories including best apps for iPad Pro, watchOS and tvOS — and even a few (slightly suspect) picks for best movie, album and the like.

“We debated,” Apple writes. “We argued. Everyone had favorites, but to make this list of 2015’s finest, there could be no doubts. What you see here made the cut — they’re the most visionary, inventive, and irresistible apps and games of the year. After you’ve browsed our selections, don’t miss the titles that topped the charts in 2015.”

Apple names the innovative Periscope as the iPhone app of the year, while Instagram as the best iPhone 6s app, Lara Croft GO is best game, The Robot Factory is best iPad app, Dark Sky is best Apple Watch app, HBO Now is best Apple TV app, and Affinity Photo is best Mac app.

The company also announced Adele’s 25 as its album of the year, Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk” as best song, Kingsman: The Secret Service as the (perhaps slightly left-field) movie of the year, Game of Thrones as best TV show, EL James’ Grey as (somehow) best fiction book, and Chris Kyle’s American Sniper as non-fiction book.

App categories are listed below in full:

iPhone app of the year: Periscope

Runners-up: Enlight, Robinhood

Most innovative: Workflow

Best app on iPhone 6s: Instagram

iPhone game of the year: Lara Croft GO

Runners-up: Fallout Shelter, Mr Jump

Most innovative iPhone app: Dark Echo

Best game on iPhone 6s: Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade

iPad app of the year: The Robot Factory

Runners-up: HBO Now, Patterning

Most innovative iPad app: LiquidText

Best app on iPad Pro: uMake

iPad game of the year: Prune

Runners-up: Rayman Adventures, Implosion

Most innovative iPad app: Her Story

Best game on iPad Pro: Zodiac: Orcanon Odyssey

Apple TV app of the year: HBO Now

Apple TV game of the year: Rayman Adventures

Apple Watch app of the year: Dark Sky

Apple Watch game of the year: Rules!

Mac app of the year: Affinity Photo

Mac game of the year: Pillars of Eternity

Runners-up: PDF Expert, Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor

Via: MacStories