What Apple’s 3-D printer could look like: a Makerbot G4 Cube


Is this what Apple's 3-D printer will look like?
Is this what Apple's 3-D printer will look like?

A recent weird patent filing suggested Apple might be making a color 3-D printer. Now, the best Apple concept designer in the business, Martin Hajek, has come along and imagined the device in a set of beautiful renderings.

In Hajek’s renderings, the designer imagines the iPrinter, as he calls it, looking something like a MakerBot crossed with an old G4 Cube. It even has a nice touchscreen embedded in the top, to make it easy to work on.


Practical? No. 3-D printers don’t look like this, at least not right now. Where’s the nozzles? But it’s certainly a gorgeous bit of eye candy, imagining what a 3-D printer designed by Jony Ive and Co. could look like, if freed from the constraints of reality.


See more images of the iPrinter at Hajek’s site here.