Apple has already shipped almost 7 million Apple Watches


On course to smash first-year Apple records.
Photo: Apple Watch

I wish I could have a failure like the Apple Watch!

Despite naysayers claiming the Apple Watch hasn’t taken off as Apple hoped, a new set of figures suggests that Apple has shipped close to 7 million Apple Watches since its launch — a figure which outstrips all other vendors’ combined smartwatch shipments in the past five financial quarters.

Research firm Canalys notes that Apple was the only smart watch vendor to ship more than 300,000 units in Q3 2015, the same quarter that Pebble launched its Pebble Time Steel wearable.

As Canalys notes:

“All eyes will be on Apple Watch sales during the Q4 holiday quarter as a barometer of the strength of the nascent smart watch market. ‘After experiencing significant supply chain constraints early on, Apple managed to overcome its production struggles with the Apple Watch and is building momentum going into Q4,’ said Analyst Daniel Matte.

‘Shipments are steadily increasing as it has greatly expanded the Watch’s channel footprint internationally.’ VP and Principal Analyst Chris Jones added, ‘watchOS 2 has brought native apps to the platform, and new colors and styles have refreshed the lineup, but Apple needs to continue to generate demand six months after launch.’”

Although third-party shipment figures aren’t always 100 percent accurate, these figures do tally with what we’ve been expecting in terms of Apple’s dominance.

Another recent report of 11,000 people by Kantar U.S. Insights suggests that an impressive 92 percent (unsurprisingly) recognize the Apple brand more than any other in the wearables category — with Fitbit coming second with 47 percent, followed by Google and Samsung in the low 30s.

Apple has been less-than-eager to reveal sales (supposedly for competitive reasons), but it is thought that the Apple Watch helped rake in $1.7 billion over the past financial quarter. It’s not yet doing iPhone numbers, obviously, but it’s certainly on track to have Apple’s best-ever first year as a new product line.

  • Gregg_Thurman

    People forget (all to easily) that Apple’s most successful new product launch ever (more successful than the iPod and iPhone before it) was the iPad in April 2010.

    In its first 2 quarters Apple sold 7,458,000 iPads.

    An estimate of nearly 7,000,000 Apple Watches sold in its first two quarters would put the success of the Apple Watch on par with that of the iPad. Now when you consider that the iPad was available for about 14 days more during its first two quarters than was the Apple Watch, the Apple Watch becomes Apple’s most successful new product EVER. What’s even more remarkable about Apple Watch sales volume is that the iPad had no competition when it was launched, the Apple Watch had several well established competitors selling for half the cost of the Apple Watch. By all accounts the Apple Watch has come to dominate a 5 year old industry in just 6 months, and yet WS is disappointed because they expected more.

    Just for the record I’m modeling 6.8 Million Apple Watches sold during the December quarter.

    • CelestialTerrestrial

      I agree with what you are saying. Here’s what I would like to explain. Back before the Apple Watch was announced, the projections for the first year of sales was all over the place in terms of what people THOUGHT Apple would sell in the first year. When people publicize these numbers, it sets people’s exceptions as to what is successful and what is a failure. I honestly had no idea how many Apple was going to sell. I thought they could easily reach 8 to to 10 Million units in the first year, but any more than that would be unlikely. Some people think that this many units is a failure because THEY thought Apple would sell more like 15, 20, or more million units in the first year.

      The thing that some people fail to realize is that the roll out was much different than other Apple products. First, it didn’t get rolled out to Apple’s traditional reseller channel immediately. It was just limited to Apple Stores and on-line, which is much more limited than if they had all of their resellers, whether it be Best Buy, or the local cellular store that sells mostly iPhones. In addition, since this is a highly tactile product, most people would want to physically try on the product and play around with it to get a better sense of whether they want to purchase the product and which model. It’s a product that’s new and people should get some physical exposure first before making the decision.

      I think that Apple is only going to get so much of a percentage of their iPhone user base to add an Apple Watch to their list of devices. Some will obviously buy more than one Apple Watch because they’ll collect different case styles due to the fashion aspect.

      I just think not setting expectations so high for this type of product because smartwatches is just a too new of a category and there is much more room for enhancements in the future and some people simply don’t want to plunk down the money when they might have to replace the unit a year later and toss the old unit away.

      But for the first year, I think under the circumstances, they did a decent job at selling the product. At least they have room for increased sales, rather than flooding the market with less chance for increasing sales for the future.

      Yeah, this product is definitely a Christmas product as I’m sure Christmas sales should spike, I just don’t by how many for this Christmas since it’s now verging on being a 9 month old product by the time Christmas rolls around.

  • Hein S

    And it has not reach many countries.

    Ours (Philippines) is coming next 2016.