Apple not predicting the iPad Pro to be a big holiday seller

Apple not predicting the iPad Pro to be a big holiday seller


Animators are raving about the iPad Pro.
The iPad Pro may be hard to find early on.
Photo: Apple

Apple hopes the iPad Pro will reinvigorate slumping tablet sales, but the company’s not showing much faith in the device, if initial orders are to be believed.

According to supply chain sources, Apple is taking a “rather conservative attitude” toward iPad Pro, ordering just 2.5 million for the rest of 2015 — and possibly even less for the first quarter of 2016 if holiday sales prove weaker than expected.

As a comparison, Apple sold 12.3 million iPads in Q4 last year, a dip from the 14.1 million units sold during the same period in 2013.

A previous report suggested that constrained supplies of the iPad Pro could be linked to a panel shortage.

With a growing number of analysts voicing concerns that the iPhone is starting to max out demand, and that growth is slowing down, it would be great news if Apple could turn around its iPad business. It seems the company is playing it cautiously though.

We’ll get an update on iPad sales during today’s quarterly earnings call. Expect lots of pro-iPad Pro sentiment from Tim Cook!

Source: Digitimes