China's 21st Apple Store will be among world's biggest

China’s 21st Apple Store will be among world’s biggest


Dailan's new Apple Store back during its construction phase.
Photo: Jake Smith

Apple is continuing its Chinese Apple Store expansion by announcing the opening of its 21st Chinese retail store in the city of Dalian, China.

A port city known for its clean air, good food, and luxurious shopping, Dalian attracts visitors from China, Japan, and Korea. In other words, it’s the perfect location for a new Apple Store — which is why it’s no surprise that it will be among the biggest Apple brick-and-mortar retail outlets in the world.

How do we know this? Because back in 2012 when Apple was starting work on the store, it erected a sign reading, “The world’s biggest Apple store, coming soon to Parkland Mall.”

Since then, however, Apple has announced the opening of its new Dubai Apple Store, which — at more than 50,000-square feet — could well eclipse Dalian in terms of store size.

Still, given that Tim Cook has been vocal about his belief that China will soon represent Apple’s biggest and most significant market in the world (and has even admitted that Apple designs its new products with the Chinese audience in mind), it makes sense that China would be home to one of the grandest Apple Stores on them all.

The Dalian Apple Store will open at 9.30am local time on Saturday, October 24.

Via: MacRumors