Foxconn posts record September revenues thanks to iPhone 6s

Foxconn posts record September revenues thanks to iPhone 6s


Apple raked in the cash last quarter.
Can there be a better month than September if you're in the iPhone business?
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

iPhone 6s manufacturer Foxconn has posted revenues of $318.4 million for the month of September, largely as a result of Apple’s next-gen handset.

The monster earnings for the month were not only the best month of Foxconn’s year so far, but represented a 30 percent rise from the previous month and an increase of 17.8 percent year-on-year.

And Apple’s main manufacturer is expecting October to be even better!

Apple recently revealed that it had smashed its own iPhone 6 records by selling a massive 13 million iPhone 6s and 6s Plus units in their first weekend available. Part of the reason for this increase is that China was among the launch countries, compared to last year when it was delayed thanks to regulatory issues.

Interestingly, today’s report states that Foxconn is also the “case maker” for the iPhone 6s, which is a role I’ve never previously heard Foxconn credited with. Either this is a misunderstanding on the part of reporters or Foxconn may have just picked up a new job from Apple.

Source: Digitimes