Apple buys 200 acres of land to expand Prineville data center


Pillar is the code-name for Apple’s Prineville data center. And apparently it loves its secrecy.
Photo: Itclips

Apple has agreed the $3.6 million purchase of close to 200 acres of land in Crook County, Oregon, which it will hopefully use to double the footprint of its Prineville data center.

At present, Apple runs two 338-000-square-foot buildings in the area. These house the server farms Apple uses for its iCloud services. The company initially bought 160 acres of land in Prineville back in 2012, and even at this point was discussing the possibility of an eventual expansion.

Although Apple now owns the extra land, the deal to build on it is still pending. Apple filed the necessary paperwork back in April this year, describing a new construction with an estimated value of $5.8 million, plus $638,000 for interior work.

Apple has been praised for putting “economic vitality” into Prineville with its work, which has been a positive job creator for people in the area.

Crook County? More like Tim Cook County, amirite?

Source: Bend Bulletin

Via: Apple Insider