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Unlock iOS 9’s multitasking potential with Lucidchart’s new diagramming app


Lucidchart takes advantage of iOS 9's productivity upgrades to make digital diagramming simple.
Lucidchart takes advantage of iOS 9's productivity upgrades to make digital diagramming simple.
Photo: Lucid Software

This post is brought to you by Lucid Software, maker of Lucidchart.

Visual diagrams are one of the best ways of conveying complex ideas to audiences and collaborators. Making them is also an invitation to get frustrated by how little diagramming software has apparently advanced in recent years (people still use Visio?).

We live in an age of sleek design and intuitive user interfaces, so why is it still easier to scrawl a simple chart on a napkin than to draft one on a computer or iPad?

Taking advantage of iOS 9 multitasking

Lucidchart’s completely rebuilt mobile app changes all that. Coinciding with the release of iOS 9, the cloud-based software takes advantage of Apple’s new productivity features, making for a digital diagramming experience that’s fit for 2015.

The app is an example of how mobile is finally competing with desktop apps as a platform for professional content creation. With Lucidchart, building a gorgeous-looking chart is a simple drag-and-drop affair, with readily available additions like color, element morphing and custom icons that make for clear and attractive presentations.

Plus, anything you create on your mobile — whether a quick sketch or a polished presentation — is synced in real time for open and collaborative workflow.

iOS 9’s multitasking features are also put to beautiful use by Lucidchart. Wherever you have information to use — a photo of a pen-sketched flowchart, an email with details for your company’s workflow map, a tweet with a quote you want to use — you can access it side-by-side with the chart you’re building.

Lucidchart harnesses the power of the cloud

Charts you make in Lucidchart can be sent immediately as an image file to collaborators or embedded live in a document or website — any changes you make will update the embedded chart automatically. Your co-workers can also jump in on the process in real time, eliminating the iterative pingpong game that often bogs down a process that should be as simple as sketching on a whiteboard.

Lucidchart also runs on Macs, PCs and all browsers. The cloud-based app is fully integrated with Google Apps, Google Drive, Confluence, JIRA and Jive. It’s also the only online option that can import and export Visio files. Plus, it runs on secure servers with robust backup, making it a perfect solution for organizations of any scale looking to migrate operations to the cloud.

Anyone who’s looking for an efficient, reliable and headache-free way of designing diagrams should give Lucidchart a try. You can download Lucidchart for free from the iOS App Store.