MLB tried to ban coach from wearing the Apple Watch it gave him


MLB Coach Ned Yost at a game in 2012 against the Orioles.
Kansas City Royal's manager Ned Yost during a game at the Orioles.
Photo: Keith Allison/Flickr

Kansas City Royals coach, Ned Yost was been slapped on the wrist by the MLB for wearing his Apple Watch during games, even though they’re the ones that gave it to him.

Yost received the watch as a gift from the MLB for serving as the American League manager in the All-Star Game, but after the manager was repeatedly seen wearing the device in the dugout, the MLB decided to step in and try to stop him from using it in games.

The MLB currently bans players and coaches from having smartphones in the dugout, but Yost reportedly insisted to the MLB that the Apple Watch isn’t a smartphone on his wrist. He’s just using it as a watch.

“When you’re away from your phone, all it is is a watch,” said Yost, according to the Kansas Star’s Andy McCullough. Some initial reports claimed that the MLB had banned the Apple Watch, but McCullough clarified later that they simply called to make sure he wasn’t accessing any data during games. He assured them he’s not.

When he’s not using Apple Watch to keep track of time in the dug out, Yost said he also uses it to catalog his exercise goals. He also uses it to check the weather, instead of just looking up from the dugout.