Ludacris’ blinged-out Apple Watch will blind anyone who looks straight at it


Yep, that's ludicrous. Oh, and the guy's name is Ludacris.
Photo: Ludacris

Some stars are just too big for the 18-karat gold Apple Watch Edition. One of them is rapper and The Fast and the Furious actor Ludacris, who rocked up at the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday night sporting a custom Apple Watch studded with diamonds.

For the understated gentleman.
For the understated gentleman.
Photo: Ludacris

Don’t think Tim Cook is favoring some artists over others, however! According to Luda’s Instagram page, he didn’t get the device straight from Apple, but rather from his “personal jewelers,” Icebox Jewelry in Atlanta. According to Icebox’s site, prices for custom Apple Watches range from $4,000 to $12,500.

Ludacris isn’t stopping at one diamond-encrusted smartwatch, either. “About to pick one up for the wife too,” he posted — because it’s important that you know he’s rich.

His gaudy Apple Watch may not be to everyone’s taste, but it’s an example of a big artist spotted wearing the device. Back in the early days of the Watch, everyone from Beyonce to Katy Perry to Karl Lagerfield was spotted wearing variations of it — although celebrity sightings of Apple’s wearable have certainly fallen since then.

Ludacris isn’t the only rapper to brag about having the latest Apple goods. In one of his hot new tracks, Drake brags about the size of his deal with Cupertino as part of the Apple Music launch.

Source: Instagram

Via: 9to5Mac