Oasis’ Noel Gallagher slates Apple Music for its arrogance


Noel Gallagher isn't the biggest fan of Apple Music.
Photo: Snowmanradio/Wikipedia CC

Apple Music has its share of big-name supporters from the world of music, but Oasis’ Noel Gallagher isn’t one of them.

The outspoken musician — who has taken issue with just about every topic under the sun at some time or other — criticized Apple Music for its Beats 1 radio station and its “Connect” feature.

“Apple Music, world radio: Is that some sort of George Orwell s**t going on?” he said during an interview on the Varvet International podcast. “How can you be so arrogant that you can say, ‘We now f***ing own world radio’?”

Regarding Connect, which lets fan get closer access to their favorite artists, Gallagher said, “Who cares what f***ing Thom Yorke is up to? Seriously, who gives a s**t? I’d find it creepy if everyone wanted to know what I was up to.”

Gallagher has more or less stayed in the public eye for the past decade through his controversial comments. He has particularly blasted the idea of streaming music, which he continued to do in this recent interview.

“If you tell me now that the record-buying era is over, that makes me sad,” Noel said. “That the culture of buying and believing in a record, that era is over, and the belief is that music is for hire and for rent, the money that you pay lets you access everybody’s music but own none of it: I think that’s a sad day.”

How streaming music leads to fans not “believing in a record” isn’t made clear, but given Tim Cook’s pro-privacy approach to user data, Apple probably isn’t the right company to accuse of “some George Orwell s**t” either.

Back in June, Metallica’s Lars Ulrich said he “feels safe” with Apple Music.

Via: The Guardian