Teenage scammers busted for selling iPhone boxes filled with Play-Doh


An artist's impression of an iPhone made from Play-Doh. No wonder the buttons don't work!
Photo: Gapake Dolls and Cars Toys Collector GDCTC/YouTube

Would you buy an apparently new iPhone from a random person on the street without thoroughly checking out the contents of the box first?

If you answered “obviously no,” then you’re certainly smarter than the Detroit Metro PCS business which bought “iPhones” from a group of three Detroit-area teenagers only to discover, upon opening them, that they were filled with Play-Doh bricks instead of smartphones.

Fortunately the teenagers in question don’t appear to have been too sharp either, because the person they had scammed phoned them back asking for more iPhones — and when the teens turned up with additional handsets, the cops were waiting for them.

Although they fled before the deal was closed, they were tracked down and arrested. 19-year-old Tommy Taren Hailey, 17-year-old Gregory Jumel Allen, and 19-year-old Kejuan Roy Gordan have all been charged with attempted larceny by false pretenses. Their case will be heard in court next month.

Yep, I think I’ll stick to buying through the Apple Store for now.

Source: Reuters