Apple Watch gains a higher satisfaction rating than original iPhone or iPad


Apple Watch customers are some of the most satisfied people around.
Apple Watch customers are some of the most satisfied people around.
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Everyone writing about the supposed failure of the Apple Watch may want to check out analyst Ben Bajarin’s latest reporting — suggesting that the Apple Watch has a massive 97 percent satisfaction rate among early adopters.

For those keeping track at home, that’s higher than both the original iPhone (92 percent) and the original iPad (91 percent). In fact, only the current iPhone (99 percent satisfaction) scores higher.


The survey was carried out among 800-plus Apple Watch owners. Of these, 99 percent described themselves as either “very satisfied” or “delighted” with the device, while 31 percent were “somewhat satisfied,” a meagre 2 percent described themselves as “neither satisfied or dissatisfied,” and the remaining 1 percent were “somewhat dissatisfied.”

Although it certainly can’t be classed as the definitive proof of Apple Watch acceptance (sales figures will do that), it’s definitely a strongly contrasting take to the headline-grabbing stories we’ve been hearing from people eager to reveal just how quickly they bought and then returned their Apple Watches.

Interestingly, Bajarin has a theory about the Apple Watch:

“As I listened to different people tell me about their Apple Watch, I observed a pattern. Those whose job it was to think about the Apple Watch or who were early adopters who thought deeply about tech and the tech products they buy, were all much more critical of the watch. You could tell they evaluated it and thought about it deeply from every angle by their responses. Then I talked with teachers, firefighters, insurance agents, and those not in the tech industry and not hard-core techies. These groups of people couldn’t stop raving about the Apple Watch and how much they loved the product. It was almost as if the farther away people were from tech or the tech industry, the more they liked the Apple Watch.”

On one level it makes sense that people who use technology a lot (and may therefore have tried non-Apple Watch smartwatches) would be most critical of the device.

However, it’s promising news for Apple that the device seems to be resonating with the average person on the street, since these are the customers who will have to shell out for the device if Apple hopes to have its next mass-market device on its hands.

Source: Techpinions

Via: Fortune


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14 responses to “Apple Watch gains a higher satisfaction rating than original iPhone or iPad”

  1. James Alexander says:

    I am 100% satisfied.

  2. Richard Ludwig says:

    I think it shows just how far out of touch most tech writers are with everybody else.

  3. Michael Smith says:

    Seems to make sense, Apple is good at marketing products for the lucrative “don’t know, don’t care” crowd. I wonder though how long these satisfaction numbers will hold after they have exhausted that demographic, at some point they will have to create a more compelling experience for the above average consumer.

    • PMB01 says:

      That’s a bunch of crap. You’re clearly part of the blind Apple-hating crowd.

      • Michael Smith says:

        I don’t hate Apple, I own most of their products. I’m just not a blind Apple fanboy who thinks Apple can do no wrong. My identity is not wrapped up in a brand so I can clearly see objectively what Apple does well and where they are lacking. For most people, Apple products “just work” but for the above average consumer who needs more, there are other options available for them.

      • PMB01 says:

        Nope, you’re still clueless. The only thing correct you’ve said is “Apple products just work”. Keep trying, you’ll get it eventually.

      • Michael Smith says:

        How would you know anything? You have never used Android because your self worth is so wrapped up in a brand that you don’t know any better.

        Like a sheep living with the wool pulled over your eyes, you’re the perfect Apple customer.

      • PMB01 says:

        Thank you for confirming everything I’ve said. You have no clue what you’re talking about and don’t know me. My FIRST smartphone was an Android, you dumbass.

        Do continue proving how much of an asshat you are.

      • Michael Smith says:

        If in defense of a brand you get so wound up that you resort to childish name calling, you have already lost any argument you had. Nobody thinks you are a rational person when you act like a fool.

      • PMB01 says:

        Then you should stop acting like a fool. You’ve yet to make a logical argument.

  4. twitboydk says:

    I dont understand that at all. I like my watch. But i loved my iPhone….thats just crazy

  5. MleB1 says:

    Given the obvious limitations of wearable devices, the expectations cannot, by extension, be all that high. 97% satisfaction on a limited use and value niche device (especially aimed at Macoyltes) is hardly surprising therefore.

    The obvious other issue is “Who cares?” – I only know I see tables of Watch going unexplored at several Apple Stores that I’ve been in, while their other products (even still the iPod) garner interested consumers.

  6. janet.arthur says:


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