App Store vs. Google Play: Is it time Apple stopped being a control freak?



10 responses to “App Store vs. Google Play: Is it time Apple stopped being a control freak?”

  1. Lucus Bendzsa says:

    Emulators usually cause privacy as do torrent apps. Fi they aren’t there it detours piracy.

  2. Robin Thomson says:

    Oh buggar off Killian. Well let’s just leave Apple alone to do what they do best. Last thing we want is a store full of virus infected apps like the poor misguided souls who use android devices have to put up with!

  3. DarthDisney says:

    No, I am glad that Apple watches out for malware, unlike Google.

  4. ChrisC says:

    App quality in the Apple App Store is far superior to Android. They’re generally bad ports after they’ve been released on iOS.

    If you’re ok with malware in your app store, you deserve every scam you get sucked into.

  5. Shinku says:

    Gee. the Argument that people buy Android for “Openess” are the same idiots who buy into socialism and communism. They don’t care what it leads to they are buying a worthless principle. Android fans Don’t care about what matters and that’s implementation. Who cares about your philosophy. It won’t stop viruses from turning your plastic crap into a DDos Drone.

    • lowtolerance says:

      Closed-source software isn’t impervious to viruses, you know. Also, Socialism has worked out pretty well for many countries. You are just as guilty of clinging to ideologies instead of being objective as the people you are mocking.

  6. Mark Langston says:

    “I don’t think anyone would really object to a more open approach — so long as it didn’t open the door to malicious apps.”

    Sooo… yeah, this statement doesn’t make any sense. So Apple should be open but not TOO open?! Either Apple remains vigilant in maintaining the integrity of the App Store or they get into a pissing match about what apps are more open than another.

    Then there’s the idea of allowing emulators; I think it’s guilt by association so rather than allow apps that encourages the use of unofficial content it’s better not to make the app available at all.

    And the “block Safari” comment is idiotic too. The web is a different world than an app. You can surf porn in Safari but there are no porn apps in the App Store.

    Here’s an idea: allow a guest to interject. Some of the arguments being made could’ve been completely shut down never mind that Killian never answered the question about what apps and/or experiences can be had from the Play Store that’s not available from the App Store.

  7. David says:

    there are 400,000 strains of malware for Android EACH YEAR. This is not some fantasy that the AV companies come up with. I tried the Nexus 7 when it came out. I wanted to love KitKat. But I can say that the difference between Android apps and iOS is night and day.

  8. CAIO MARIZ® says:

    Apple can’t allow Apps like emulators or torrent to enter the AppStore , not only because it wants to give users a better and safer experience but also because Apple enters into trade agreements with the movies studios, record labels, publishers, in order to have the exclusive services for iTunes, AppStore and Apple TV business

  9. lowtolerance says:

    People on the App Store are willing to pay cold, hard cash for the assurance than an app will meet a certain standard of quality and privacy. Apple loosening their grip would mean abandoning this standard and, consequently, the trust of their users. It’d be a lose-lose situation for Apple, developers and end-users.

    Killian’s notion that Google Play is better for users because it has more downloads is asinine, in my opinion. Android has nearly four times iOS’s userbase, yet only twice as many app downloads. If anything, that’s evidence that the Play Store is less compelling than the App Store, especially when revenue is taken into consideration.