On second thought, you can download iTunes 12.2 right now


iTunes 12.2
Well, alright, then.
Photo: Evan Killham/Cult of Mac

We literally just posted about the iTunes version required to run Apple Music not being available yet, but it looks like it’s currently available as part of a system update in the Mac App Store.

Hey, thanks a lot, Apple.

The 1.26GB download also includes an update to OS X, bringing it up to version 10.10.4.

Apple Music users were a little frustrated this morning when they downloaded iOS 8.4 to their iPhones and iPads to obtain the new music platform and then found themselves unable to run it on their desktop computers, but it looks like that isn’t a problem any longer. After the update, you should be able to access all of Apple Music’s functionality on any Apple device that can run it.

The launch in general has gone pretty smoothly; we’re noticing a few hiccups like some genres missing from the setup, but this slight lack of functionality was our main gripe. Now that that’s all taken care of, we’re not sure what the Internet is going to complain about.