Apple Watch users show off their creativity with custom app layouts


The Apple Watch keeps surprising us. Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac
Did you know you can customize your Apple Watch app homescreen? Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Apple Watch is the most personal device you’ll ever use, and it’s not just because you wear it all day.

This is the most customizable Apple product we’ve ever seen. Everything from clock faces to the app homescreen can be tweaked to your personal tastes. Early Apple Watch owners have already come up with a myriad of different ways to change the app homescreen so that it’s just not a giant blob of randomness. Some are a bit crazy, while others are down right brilliant.

Check out out some of the best custom layouts below:



Branches for fitness, media, communication, and general apps


Apple apps on the right, third parties on the left


Another branched approach


The most X-treme layout we’ve seen yet.


The king of apps

image (2)


This should be the default layout



Got your own crazy app layout? Share a picture in the comments below and we’ll add it to the gallery.


Via: MacRumors

  • Work apps on top everything else below.

  • It makes my most used app extremely accessible right off the bat.

  • Mark Langston


  • alfredooctavio

    Color coordination and what about my Apple Apple Watch face!

  • Josh Jepperson

    yea just press the two buttons on the side at the same time, the picture automatically syncs to your iPhone

  • Kate Boeckman


  • Kate Boeckman


  • crateish

    Ok, I know some guy did the penis. Fess up and show us the penis shape.

  • Josh Knight


  • Thomas Hui

    My molecule layout haha

  • Thomas Hui

    My molecule layout organized into categories

  • David Wicks

    Thought I’d turn my apple watch into a bat watch

  • Guy Vachon

    I’m still working on it, but should be still be pretty clear what I’m going for :)

  • Branches for me. Sport, comms, music/photography, productivity, social/retail, travel. Sort of – a few still a need moving but it isn’t a strict rule – just what feels right. Still experimenting.

    Something not quite right about the fact we have to go to such lengths to make launching apps easier.