Siri doesn’t like it when you confuse her with Google Now


Just don't make the mistake of calling Siri by the wrong name! Photo: Apple

Siri’s the O.G. (Original Gangsta) personal assistant, and she doesn’t like it when you confuse her with upstart rivals from Google or Microsoft.

The revelation was discovered by Twitter user and tech writer Danny Sullivan, who found that spurring his Apple Watch into action by saying “OK, Google” garnered the sarcastic response, “Very funny. I mean, not funny ‘ha-ha,’ but funny.”

It’s not just Siri on Apple Watch, either. I triggered the same response by repeating the phrase to my iPhone 6 Plus, while a “Hi, Cortana” — in reference to Microsoft’s surprisingly-adept virtual assistant — yielded a snappy, “I think you’ve got the wrong assistant.”

Hilariously, any reference to BlackBerry’s virtual helper BlackBerry Assistant provoked no response whatsoever. Apple clearly doesn’t program responses for niche competitors!

The amusing tidbit comes at a time when Apple is working harder than ever to improve its Siri service. The company recently upgraded to the third generation of its virtual assistant, adding new services and improving latency. Apple has also added seven new languages for Siri in iOS 8.3, while incorporating the technology on the aforementioned Apple Watch and, reportedly, as a big part of the upcoming Apple TV refresh.