Just how scratch-resistant will your Apple Watch Sport be?

Just how scratch-resistant will your Apple Watch Sport be?


Swatch has an answer for Apple Watch. Photo: Apple
Will it scratch? Photo: Apple

Unlike the sapphire crystal used in the Apple Watch and Apple Watch Edition, the low-end Apple Watch Sport uses a scratch-resistant fortified ion-X glass display to protect your next must-have Apple device from the wear-and-tear of its daily grind. But how does it hold up?

Thanks to Lewis Hilsenteger of Unbox Therapy we apparently have our answer. Using ion-X glass covers provided by Apple leaker extraordinaire Sonny Dickson, Hilsenteger runs the glass covers through a gauntlet of keys, knives, steel wool, and different types of sandpaper.

You can check out his video below.

As you can see, the key, knife, and steel wool in no way damage the glass, although sandpaper does still harm it, which means that you’ll want to be a bit careful when using your Sport, particularly in situations like brushing up against uneven surfaces (walls, for example) which emulate the coarseness of sandpaper.

Whether ion-X glass turns out to be any harder than the Corning Gorilla Glass Apple uses for its iPhones remains to be seen, but for now this should give you a decent primer in what conditions you can reasonably expect the Apple Watch Sport to withstand.

Provided these ion-X samples are the real thing, that is!

Source: Unbox Therapy/YouTube