The pope’s old iPad just sold for $30,500


The Pope's iPad was a 32GB iPad 4 WiFi + Cellular. Who knew? Photo: Market Watch
The pope's iPad was a 32GB iPad 4 WiFi + Cellular. Who knew? Photo: MarketWatch

We all know that the pope has an iPad, but even popes upgrade. While we normal, unblessed humans tend to simply pass our old iPads down to a family member or sell them on Craigslist when we upgrade, the pontiff’s old iPad went straight to auction, where it sold for a staggering $30,500.

The auction was conducted earlier this week, and the money raised went to a school in Uruguay for disadvantaged children. The buyer is anonymous, although he is known to be from Argentina. According to the auctioneer, “I believe he is very Catholic,” which is a good guess.

As for the pope iPad itself, it wasn’t so special, except for being touched on a daily basis by the emissary of god himself. Before he upgraded (to an iPad Air no doubt), he used an iPad 4 with Retina Display, model number MD526TY/A, which translates to a 32GB WiFi + Cellular model in white. Apparently, the pope thought maxing out his iPad was not proper behavior for a holy man.

The iPad came with a certificate of authenticity and was engraved with the words “His Holiness Francis” on the back. It also came with a Logitech keyboard. Apparently the pope just didn’t care for predictive typing.

Source: MarketWatch