The best Apple Watch apps for cheating at math and science


iMathematics puts infinite cheat sheets on your wrist. Photo: Mobixee
iMathematics puts infinite cheat sheets on your wrist. Photo: Mobixee

Cheaters in school these days have it too easy. In my day, we had to program cheat sheets of formulas into our giant graphing calculators. Now that the Apple Watch is coming out, the cat and mouse game between students and teachers is about to change.

Mobixee’s educational suite of Apple Watch apps are giving students a faster/subtler way than ever to find “that formula” when you’re doing tests homework.

By bringing iMathematics, iPhysics, and iChemistry to Apple Watch, you won’t have to pull out your iPhone to search for formulas again. Just whisper a word to Siri like “derivative” and a list of formulas related to the topic will pop up.

Check it out:


What if you’re in the library and can’t talk? Simply navigate to your formula through an alphabetical list. You can also tag favorites using Force Touch and access them from the main menu. There’s even a “Personal Note” option that lets you type up a list on your iPhone and have it accessible anytime you need it on your wrist.

Source: Mobixee

  • This Guy

    Cheating- no wonder the U.S. is in such bad shape anymore.

  • vivian0942


  • JimGramze

    If you can get a certain amount of work done in a certain amount of time, what does it matter how you get it done? I’ve taken open book tests where the prof said, “If you need to spend time reading and digesting you’ll never pass the test, but have at it if you want.”