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9 features we want to see in the iPhone 6s


Your iPhone is about to get some new features. Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Tim Cook called the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus the biggest advancements in the history of iPhone. It’s barely been six months since the bigger-than-big devices launched, but we’re already craving some upgrades.

With the first iPhone 6s leaks and rumors starting to hit the Internet, we decided to dream up what Apple could possibly do to make its next smartphone kick more ass than ever.

Here are nine upgrades we hope the iPhone 6s gets this fall:

Wireless charging

The Apple Watch is the first Cupertino product with wireless charging, but it hopefully won’t be the last. Making the iPhone truly wireless by finally ditching the charging cord would be huge for Apple.

Force Touch


The addition of Force Touch is only a matter of time. By adding haptic feedback to the iPhone, Apple will open up an entirely new dimension of UI controls for apps. It could even help Apple ditch the home button someday.

32GB storage standard

Seriously, how is 16GB even an option in the year 2015? Keeping the baseline iPhone 6 storage at 16GB was a hell of a way to get everyone to pay up for the pricier 64GB option, but it also felt like a big money grab. C’mon Tim, we all know 32GB flash chips don’t cost Apple an extra $100.

Better camera


There are two iPhone upgrades you can count on from Apple every year: processor and camera. This year could be the biggest iPhone camera upgrade ever if rumors of a two-lens system with optical zoom are true.

More RAM

Apple’s AX chips provide plenty of processing power, but the iPhone could use an extra boost of RAM to make it even more kick-ass. Most flagship smartphones nowadays come with 2GB of RAM while the iPhone 6 is playing with just 1GB. We expect that will change with the 6s.

Bright colors


We need more colors than just silver, gray and gold. A pinkish rose gold option might be on the way, but that’s mostly aimed at women and fashionistas. It wouldn’t be hard for Apple to cater toward more of us by adding other colors in the anodizing process. We’d love to see blue, green or maybe even yellow options.

All-day battery

The iPhone 6 Plus has the best battery life of any iPhone ever, but we wouldn’t mind 2 millimeters of extra thickness if it means we finally get an iPhone with 24 hours of battery life. It’s time for Jony Ive to put that terraced battery technology to work and give us the power to feed our iAddiction 24/7.

OLED display

The Apple Watch features an absolutely gorgeous OLED display, with blacks that are so dark they suck the light out of the sky. Fancy display technology is really cool on your wrist, but an OLED display would be even more useful on the iPhone where you can binge on Game of Thrones and other shows.


I’m not saying I want to be able to go scuba diving 50 meters deep with my bigger-than-big OLED display iPhone 6s Plus, but some splash- and dust-proofing would be nice. Some sapphire crystal thrown in so the screen doesn’t crack within the first three months would also be super-duper.

Did we miss a feature you’ve been dreaming of? Drop your iPhone 6s dream features in the comments below.