Tesla, blackjack and burgers: Woz tweets his Reno roadtrip



Photo: Steve

Given everything we know about him, you wouldn’t have ever expected Steve Jobs to tweet out his hotel room number, details of a greasy meal at Chili’s Grill & Bar, or brag about winning $300 at blackjack in Nevada.

That, in short, is what separates Jobs (and, indeed, Tim Cook) from Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.

Woz recently took a road trip to Reno with his wife in his $100,000 Tesla — pausing only to send out a string of entertainingly wacky tweets to his 370,000 Twitter followers regarding hamburgers, Segways, an unnamed “blackjack system” he’s been working on and, naturally, a number puzzle that revealed exactly where he was staying.

While Wozniak splashing his Apple cash isn’t exactly breaking news, it’s a fun glimpse at the life of Apple’s legendary co-founder — particularly since most of the time all Woz posts on Twitter are airport gate details concerning his numerous travels.

After a bite to eat at Chili’s, Woz’s next post concerns one of his beloved math puzzles to establish his “easy to remember” hotel room number at Reno’s Silver Legacy Resort Casino — which turns out to refer to room 1673 (as best I can make out!).

Then a spot of blackjack and a (possible) admission of card-counting…

It wouldn’t be a string of Woz tweets without a reference to his beloved Segway.

Then it’s another win at the blackjack table before Woz scarpers and signs off with a bite to eat at Pearl Oyster Bar & Grill, where a friend apparently told him they serve up good hamburgers.

While most of us would probably like to be stately digital emperors like Steve Jobs, or polished CEOs like Tim Cook, the reality is that, deep down, aren’t we all Woz-style geeks at heart?

Here’s to the next road trip…