Count down to your death with this Apple Watch clock


Countdown to your date with the Reaper. Photo: Rehabstudio
Countdown to your date with the Reaper. Photo: Rehabstudio

Tim Cook touted Apple Watch’s supreme timekeeping capabilities at last week’s Spring Forward event, but Rehabstudio plans to give wearers a unique look on time — by counting down to their death.

Life Clock is an upcoming Apple Watch app that’s like the reverse of an activity tracker. Rather than giving you a readout of actions you did in the past, Life Clock tracks all the positive and negative actions you take throughout the day to calculate when you’re going to kick the bucket.

Obviously, the app doesn’t come with supernatural powers or a direct line to the Reaper, but by highlighting health activity as ways to add time to your life, while subtracting time when you indulge in bad habits, Life Clock is a constant reminder to make the most of the time you have.

“In essence, the idea is we discount the future in favor of the present,” Rehabstudio’s Tom Le Bree told Wired. “Tomorrow, I’m the guy that goes to the gym, quits smoking, and stops eating fatty foods. But today I’m going to have one last cigarette.”

By reminding us of the future, Life Clock could help people make positive changes in their lives. It’s not an exact science, but if it helps you stop smoking that’s all the matters.

Don’t get ready to start ticking down the seconds till you greet the grave quite yet though. Apple hasn’t said whether it will add support for third-party clock faces for Apple Watch, and while Life Clock would certainly function well as a standalone Apple Watch app, its creators say an icon on the homescreen isn’t as powerful.

Source: Life Clock