Apple Watch dream drove man to a life of crime


Is the Apple Watch a good enough reason for breaking bad? Photo: HBO/Cult of Mac
Is the Apple Watch a good enough reason for breaking bad? Photo: AMC/Cult of Mac

Lust for Apple’s latest must-have gadget can make you do crazy things!

In what sounds like a cross between Breaking Bad and an Apple ad that I would totally watch, a story coming out China’s government-run Guangzhou Daily newspaper recounts the plight of a 21-year-old accused of orchestrating a crystal meth deal so as to be able to pay for an Apple Watch.

Called “Zeng,” the man reportedly hooked a friend up with a methamphetamine dealer, asking for enough money as his cut to pay for a 2,588 yuan Apple Watch Sport — which translates at $414, or roughly 19 percent more the $349 price tag associated with the device in the U.S.

Zeng was caught by police while trying to escape by train. He later said he needed the cash because he wanted the device to pair with his new iPhone 6, bought with borrowed money two months earlier. We shudder to think what depravity he might have done to get his hands on an Apple Watch Edition.

This isn’t the first time Apple has been associated with crime in China. Earlier this year, a Hong Kong man was arrested as he tried to smuggle 94 iPhones through a metal detector at Fultan Port in China. Strapping them to his arms, legs and torso, the man was spotted after his “weird walking posture, joint stiffness [and] muscle tension” captured the attention of security officers.

Via: MarketWatch