Secret Apple Watch boutique under construction at Paris store

Secret Apple Watch boutique is under construction at Paris’ fanciest store


Photo: Kaysgeog/Flickr CC
The Galeries Lafayette is getting a special visitor. Photo: Kaysgeog/Flickr CC

Apple Watch isn’t just a techie gadget. It’s a fashion item.

To drill that point into everyone’s heads during launch, it looks like Apple is setting up a special booth at one of the fanciest high-end department stores in Paris: Galeries Lafayette Haussmann.

Construction on a special booth at Galeries Lafayette began a few weeks ago, according to Mac4Ever. There’s no official word that the structure is for the Apple Watch, but the timing, location and large white walls all point to Apple.

Take a look at the site:

Photo: FashionMag
Photo: FashionMag

The secret Apple Watch stand is located on the second floor of Galeries Lafayette but is concealed beneath tarps. According to the report, Apple may set up similar boutiques at other stores. Angela Ahrendts supposedly dictated all of the organization of the displays and stands herself.

It’s still unclear when Apple’s wearable will actually go on sale. Tim Cook stated during Apple’s most recent earnings call that Apple Watch would ship in April. We assume he meant toward the end of the month, but if they’re already working on special stands, the launch may be closer to beginning of the month.

Source: Mac4Ever