Apple orders 5-6 million Watches for first run


Are you ready for the Apple Watch? Photo: Leander Kahney/Cult of Mac

Apple may have sold 10 million+ handsets in the first weekend of the iPhone 6 going on sale, but don’t expect those kind of numbers for the Apple Watch.

Despite being eagerly-anticipated by both fans and the press, Apple has reportedly asked its suppliers in Asia to manufacture a total of 5-6 million units of its three Apple Watch models for the device’s upcoming launch in April. Of these, half are expected to be the entry-level Apple Watch Sport model, one third will likely be the mid-level device, and the remaining ones will be the ultra-luxurious models — including the 18-karat gold Apple Watch Edition.

Given that the Apple Watch Edition will most likely be the most expensive product Apple has ever made, it’s no surprise that these will be in limited supply.

While the total Apple Watch orders might sound pessimistically small for Apple, they’re in line with the orders for Apple’s last major new product category, the iPad, which sold 7.5 million units in its first six months. As a number, it’s also a world away from the pathetically-tiny 720,000 Android Wear smartwatches which shipped in the last six months of 2014.

The 5-6 million figure cited by the Wall Street Journal is in line with previous reports we’ve heard. Those same early reports claimed Apple plans to ship a total of 24 million Apple Watches for 2015. Although that number is certainly a bit higher than I would expect, if Apple can sell 5-6 million Apple Watches this year it will still have blown away the total number of smart fitness trackers sold (3.3 million) in the whole of 2013.

Not bad for a product that reportedly changed direction midway through production.

Source: WSJ

  • Just1n12

    It will sell that many because its Apple and because it has more functionality than Android wear. I know I am buying one on day one for sure!

    • Michael Smith

      Aren’t you concerned about the price? starting at $350 for the base woman’s watch I wonder how much the men’s watch will be? $450? that seems a little expensive even for all that functionality. When Google releases their Android Wear app on the iPhone I see a lot of people choosing the more affordable option.

      • Just1n12

        The smaller Apple Watch isn’t just for women and the bigger one isn’t just for men, the Android Wear app won’t do anything really when it comes to texting and fitness tracking like the Apple Watch will, the price on the other hand will be a deciding factor for sure for most people but I for one am getting the smaller Apple Watch Sport (small wrists) with a Red sports band on launch day so I’m shelling out the least possible of the multiple options :p

  • jayarr8

    But…..Apple dropping the health sensors from the Watch will diminish one of its big key feature sets that made it so appealing. Now it will be a wait and see what happens after the launch.

    • Just1n12

      They did not drop all of the health sensors (that was in pre production before they unveiled it to the world last year) the sensors that are on it today are the same ones found on it last year when they first unveiled it.